Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Hunter's Summer Do

Hunter here, just stopping by to see what happened to me today.  Mom is always sharing about everyone else, but she wanted to show you my summer cut.  I will tell you that it does feel better but I'm not sure whether I like the place or not.  When we got there this morning I was excited until I got to the door and then I remembered the place.  They get me all wet and put some girly purple shampoo on me and if that isn't bad enough, after I got my hair cut I have to have this loud dryer thing blowing on me.  The lady told mom I really don't like the hair dryer; but I don't like the air conditioning, in the car, blowing on me either.  Mom says I look different but she loves seeing my eyes.  She works really hard at keeping me brushed, every day, and making sure I don't have mats.  She loves me so much, even  especially when I smell all girly.  As long as I don't have to go back too soon, I'll be o.k.
How do you stay cool in the summer?  I don't like water so that is out and I guess this will have to do.
Tail Wags,  Hunter
p.s. she did buy me a new soft, squeeker toy that is a badger and a new soft towel for my den, so I guess I'll forgive having to get this cut.


  1. We think you look very handsome, Hunter, with your new cut. And you will feel so much cooler. We are really minding the heat too, but we just go out early in the morning and stay by the cool air vents all day. Then Mom will walk us at night.

    Hope you enjoy that new toy and then take a nap on your soft towel.

    Woos - Phantom, Thunder, Ciara, and Lightning

  2. Oh Hunter we just wanted to come say Hi!!! Hi !!! We think you look so cute!!! Being a man I guess you don't want to be CUTE but baby you surely are!!

  3. Hunter you look wonderful!!!! Dapper little fellow!!

  4. HUNTER!!! I like the new cute. Did I ever tell you I like the blow dryer. Now I don't go to a groomer but when MOM blow dry her hair I stand next to her and wait for her to blow dry me (even though I am not wet) I love it. Yea I know I'm weird.
    I stay cool by going to Bert's place. He has AC. I don't have AC at my house. Why you ask. Good question, I keep asking MOM that too especially with the high 90's and 100's lately. Stay cool friend.

  5. Hunter you will be more comfortable with your summer cut. As soon as you go outside you can roll in something and get rid of that girlie stink and start smelling like a guy again. That's what we do.

    Your friends,

    Murphy and Stanley

  6. What a handsome boy!!! Still traveling but wanted to check in and say Hi- xo Diana

  7. Oh yeah...don't EVEN get us started on that whole grooming thing...one would think that we would LIKe the groomer, but we don't. Even if they are really nice people, it still requires mama to leave us for a couple of hours which creates a LOT of separation anxiety. I only like the blow dryer if mama is doing it...like in the winter when I get all snowy. She has tried to groom us herself, but it turned out awful! You do look very handsome!! xoxo Chloe and LadyBug

  8. Hunter, you look sooo handsome! Looks like the perfect cut to me for summer!

  9. Oh Hunter, your new Summer "do" is just beautiful!... puppy kisses to you sweet little one... xoxo Julie Marie and Tessy


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