Thursday, June 7, 2012

Happy Thursday to you.  Yesterday we had a nice trip to visit with our friends; going was easy-peasy and we made it in three hours, coming home was stop & go on the freeway and took us an extra hour and a half.  I hate traffic but really hate the kind(like Ca. has)where it is bumper to bumper but folks are doing 70+ mph and riding each others tails plus changing lanes continually. This type of traffic stresses me out no end because I can just imagine someone riding to close to the other car and having traffic stop unexpectedly-crash.  So going five miles an hour and stopping isn't too bad for me; having said that though, years ago we were on I-80 in Utah and were at a complete stop for several hours.  Boy did I have to pee-just being real.  Back to yesterday, Hunter was such a trooper; in the morning though he was crying/whining a lot and I was so concerned-wondered if his pain pill was helping him at all.  He enjoys car rides and was perfect the entire time we were on the road.  I just hope he didn't pick up on any of my anxiousness, since he was in my lap-I kept remembering to relax and breathe so he would be calm.  He slept the entire time.
Most of our state was under a tornado watch & warning last night but thankfully it wasn't near us.  We were so tired, after 7.5 hrs in the car and a three hour visit that we went to bed early, actually hubby did and I sort of fell asleep watching the news; I am such a bad mom because I forgot to take the little guy out before turning out the lights and in the middle of the night he woke me up to go out. I couldn't get to the door quick enough and he had an accident; thankfully I have resolve carpet cleaner in the linen closet next to our bedroom so was able to get it cleaned up right away. 
Seeing new areas of our state yesterday was fun-it is more high desert than we are, but the town is so quaint-at least that part we saw. 
I have a doctor's appt. today-ugh, I've gotten to where I hate doctors. 
Hope you have a wonderful day!
Hugs, Noreen & Hunter


  1. Oh well, he is bound to have an oopsie or two. Hooray for Resolve!!!
    Glad you were not near the bad weather. Good luck at the Dr. today!!
    : ) Kris

  2. We hope Hunter is good as new by now. We are feeling so good that our peeps are going crazy trying to contain our energy. Seriously, it is a mad house here right now!

    Your friends,

    Murphy & Stanley

  3. I hate those kinds of traffic delays. So frightening to see so many angry people driving so carelessly. Glad Hunter is doing well.

    BTW: I love your clock cabinet.

  4. Glad your visit went while minus the traffic on the way home. Your right, nothing quite as awful as California traffic...but so much I love about this place, guess I just have learned to live with it. I am right there with are no longer my favorite people. Hope all goes well! Enjoy the rest of your day...HUGS

  5. That sounds like it was a very nice trip despite the long hours in the car. We heard parts of Colorado were hit with lots of hail and even some tornadoes. So glad you missed all of that.

    Woos - Phantom, Thunder, Ciara, and Lightning

  6. I drive through traffic like that every day and 70 MPH is the norm around here--You do get used to it, but you're right about it being nerve wracking!

    I'm glad Hunter is doing well, and I hope YOU are getting a chance to relax!

    PS: I'll bet Hunter shares your dislike of doctors too! :-)

  7. Your poor little guy! I hope your Dr's appt. went okay today.

    Sounds like a long day yesterday and I hate that bumper-to-bumper traffic, too. We don't have much of it in this area. Just a small surge when the factories let out and even that is not bad.

    Blessings to you today-Hope Hunter recovers quickly- xo Diana


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