Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Misc. Wednesday

Happy Wednesday friends! Hope you are having a great day so far. I've had a busy morning and now have to get ready for a thank you lunch, a friend is hosting, for those of us who helped her pack her home for a move. So this will be short and sweet.
Hunter and his gal pal, Lexie, along with her mom and my bff, Kam.
Three of our grands had riding lessons yesterday; it was such fun to watch and brought back memories of my girls riding.  This was the first time they were in a saddle; the trainer wanted them to get the feeling of the horse by riding bare back initially.

Faith loves horses and if you could have seen her, you would have seen a smile that went from ear to ear. 
I loved the fact that the trainer ran next to the horse for the entire lesson; our girls just had a trainer in the center of the ring who shouted out directions-wasn't too reassuring for this momma.
The fire is still going but at least 10% is contained; it is so smokey here and it could be a month before it is out totally.
Have a great day!
Noreen & Hunter


  1. Hunter's friend is so pretty! I bet he is crushing on her!!!
    Love the riding pics!!
    XO Kris

  2. That sounds like a joy for you to watch your grands ride horses, and your children before them. I rode horses as a child and loved it.

  3. How fun to see that, Noreen! I love that they teach them to ride bareback first- that is how I learned to ride, too. You have such a connection with the horse that way.

    I hope your fires get put out sooner than they are thinking- a month is a long time to wait for clear air.

    I am waiting for my dd's interview on the telly right now- she called and said it is on the 5pm news here. Hope it comes on soon as I have to be somewhere by 20 to 6. xo Diana

  4. How much fun that must have been to see your grands learning to ride, just like you watched your own girls learn.

    Continuing to pray that the fire will be contained quickly.


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