Monday, June 4, 2012

Happy Monday

Good morning; I hope you had a fabulous weekend! I didn't make a killing at the garage sales but had fun looking; I'm just becoming more aware of not needing as much "fluff" and kept asking myself if I really needed things. I did get a couple of pieces of clothing, a computer monitor so hubby can look upright and not constantly bend his neck-since it makes his chronic neck problems worse, some antique wooden spools and a white cabinet with clock for my sewing room-I'll have to get a photo of that to post. We had a warm weekend but not nearly as hot as predicted; some thunder and a sprinkling of rain but nothing to major. Hunter doesn't seem bothered by the thunder and I'm thankful because he will be the first dog we've owned that hasn't been terrified of it; it may be because he wasn't a rescue and living on the streets. Whatever the reason, I am so glad although I will admit he was terrified on Memorial Day when the F-18's did their annual "fly-over".
It is hard to see, but last night I saw a baby bird in the trees-a Robin and tried to get a photo.  It is in the middle of the photo almost at the top, I hope you can see it. 
Our Hunter is six mos old; he has grown a lot in the last month.  Yesterday we took him over to our girls home and he got to see Petrol again and they found they really like each other and can play together.  The last visit, Petrol was much bigger but now Hunter is bigger than she is; for a miniature Schnauzer, I think she is really small-weighing in at about 7 lbs while Hunter is already at 9 lbs. 
He looks happy here because he doesn't know that tomorrow he goes in to get snipped.  Can we say ouch? 
I am going to take him on a walk in a few minutes, while it is still cool, and then I'll head to the gym and use the bike.  Some friends told us we can get a basket that has a harness in it for dogs, so that we can take him on bike rides; I would have thought this was silly in the past but we love to go on long rides and he simply wouldn't be able to go otherwise, so I'm going to check it out. 
I hope you have a wonderful day today.  I do need to start designing the baby quilt and I'm also meeting a friend at the bible bookstore to look for a study for us gals for the summer. Remember to stop and smell the flowers today.
Hugs, Noreen & Hunter


  1. I think that basket idea is great! Of course you want to take him with you on rides! Perfect!

  2. Gosh that is one cute puppy. And how fun would that be to ride your bike with him. We're staying in today as the humidity is making the higher temps HORRID! We are so very dry around here...wishing it would rain. Hope you have a joyful week.

  3. My sister had a miniature. Dachshund and put a basket on her bike so she could bike with her pup. I don't think that would have worked for our dogs - a lab and a golden retriever. Ha! Good luck to Hunter tomorrow. Praying he will have an easy and quick recovery.

  4. Wow - Hunter is getting the ol' "snipperoo" tomorrow? So are we! We'll all suffer together!

    Your friends,

    Murphy & Stanley

  5. he does look happy!! maybe he knows about the basket!

  6. I can see the young robin in the trees. We have lots around here too. Sadly, our neighbors had a dead woodpecker in their yard yesterday!
    Good luck to Hunter on his little snippy snip surgery.
    See you soon.

  7. Didn't find any killer deals either...last week, yes. Weekend, no. Probably because my MR. was with my and he makes my wheeling and dealing self a tad bit nervous!

    Love that super cute puppy!


  8. Isn't your little Hunter a darling little guy... I can just see him riding co-pilot on your bike with his little ears flying in the breeze. I wanted the Hubbs to take our little Ruby out on his, but I don't think she'd sit still long enough. She just turned eight and it still lightning fast.

    Thank you so much for the sweet little message about my Mum... I had to smile..... her name was Noreen as well....

    Huggies to you,

  9. Yes, I see the robin!
    Hunter would love going bike riding, I bet. The basket sounds like a good idea.


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