Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Fall is in the air

 I haven't yet been up to the high places to see if the color is near its peak but I hope to soon; these photos are from different areas of Colorado and were taken last year(not by me), the year the mountains were ablaze with colors.
 Although I do miss the various shades of red and purple, I have come to love the yellows of the Aspens.

I just love these sights! I have come to love each season here, although the hard winter is not my favorite like it was the first year we lived here.  I remember feeling the winter was so romantic~we had the fireplace on, didn't need to go anywhere and would sit and watch the snow for hours on end.  The older we get, the harder clearing the driveway and sidewalks has become, but I am content at this stage in life. I love to have autumn candles burning, hot tea or cider, sitting and quilting for hours and of course watching football on t.v. has become a favorite too.  I still long to go back to New England again, maybe in a few years if the economy picks up and things become a bit easier. 
Are you experiencing the signs of autumn in your neck of the woods?  What are your favorite things about this season?
Blessings on your day, Noreen


  1. Ummm...autumn candles, hot tea or
    cider and cross stitching does it
    for me. My wonderful mother was a
    quilter but I never took the time
    to let her teach me. I wish now
    I had. I still have several bags
    of those old flour sacks from the
    depression era that I could turn
    into something pretty. Some of the
    patterns are incredibly beautiful.
    Maybe I could stitch up at least
    some pillows!

  2. Noreen
    What lovely fall photos. Our leaves are still just starting to turn. I think the colors are what I like best about fall.

  3. Favorite things about autumn....I have to admit it is a relief to get back into more of a routine. The days are shorter and I like being indoors in the evenings crocheting or spending time reading with my son. I am working on some sewing projects and getting ready to pick some apples and make applesauce. Today I went for a bike ride and it smelled like autumn. I love it!...........Denise

  4. I think the colours of the leaves would have to be my favourite - autumn here isn't quite as dramatic as it can be in the northern hemisphere but there are still parts which display wonderful colour - sometimes we take a drive just to look and admire. Hate the pollen and dust that come with the falling leaves though - does drastic things to my sinuses! Blessings!

  5. Beautiful post...thanks for sharing the colors of Fall. K


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