Friday, September 9, 2011

Happy Friday

I can't believe it is the afternoon already and I have yet to really sit down and think about blogging. Since it is Friday, my girlfriend and I hit garage sales this morning-got a few small things but not much.  After lunch, I went to our youngest girls home to watch her kiddos while she ran to a huge flea market for kids clothing.  She was gone for quite awhile and when she got home we visited.  Hubby and I did run some errands as well so this day has been a full one.  Tomorrow I head south to go to an all day Beth Moore simulcast at a large church; I'm joining some girlfriends so we should have a wonderful day praising the Lord and studying His Word.  Our calf comes tomorrow and I think I'll go meet her tomorrow evening-I just hope I don't fall for those big brown eyes. 
Our weather is definitely cooler; the mornings and evenings are so nice and our days are in the mid-70's. 
I'm resisting putting all my fall decorations out simply because if they are out til Thanksgiving, I'll be so done with them and I like putting them away before I am sick of them.
Whatever you've got going this weekend, have a wonderful time filled with laughter, hugs and lots of love.
Blessings, Noreen


  1. I wanted to move furniture and can't do it alone so I put the Fall stuff out. Good luck with not falling for that calf. have a great weekend!

  2. Lots of fun going on! I went to a huge estate sale today, and it was a pickers paradise!!!
    Enjoy those cooler temps!!

  3. Hello! How I'd love to go to that Beth Moore event with you! How fun. It's a little cooler here today (it has been soo hot) and is suppose to be even cooler tomorrow. Your temps sound wonderful. Have a wonderful week-end Noreen! HUGS

  4. My husband volunteers at a thrift store, and they were having a jewelry sale today. Michelle, William and I went and Michelle and I found a few items to buy. It was fun looking at everything!

    I hope you have a wonderful weekend Noreen! :)

  5. Looks like you have a great weekend planned. Have a good one.

  6. That sounds like a lovely Friday ~ wish I had as good of a report ~ but I am coming down with a cold....and it is hot outside...ick. Nothing worse than being sick and hot. Have a blessed weekend!! Much love ~alice

  7. I don't have many fall decorations ... I think I need to remedy that. ;-)

    Glad you had a good Friday ... praying that you'll have a spectacular weekend.

  8. I don't have any of our fall decorations out yet, but I can hear the sounds of the high school football game from my living room tonight...the geese are flying overhead more and more each day...and some of our leaves are turning yellow ~ fall is beginning its journey and it is my favorite time of year! Have a wonderful weekend!!

  9. Look forward to hearing how the Beth Moore time went. She is superb isn't she?

  10. Hi Noreen...just wanted you to know how happy I am for you! How fun to be waiting for the sweet "blessings basket" in your mailbox. Such a lovely gift from Sharon! Have a lovely weekend! Simple Blessings ♥ Teri


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