Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Outdoor Wednesday

Little Miss S wants to take up archery; I'm amazed at what a good shot she is at six years of age.
The golf course where hubby works was holding a fund-raiser the other day and he got to go up in this baby; his first helicopter ride.  He loved it.

This is our calf "Missy Steamboat" aka Missy.  The children weren't going to name her, making it easier to remember she is for meat and  not a pet but they couldn't help themselves.  She is still a bit shy around people but loves all the dogs around the field.   My future rancher, Mr. B, is so excited about her~but then so is his big brother JJ.
Have a wonderful fall day!  Noreen


  1. Hi Noreen. How exciting to be learning archery. What a keen eye she must have!!! I took my first helicopter ride in Hawaii. It was fascinating, and I was terrified too. I get motion sick, and about 30 minutes into the ride, I was getting sick. I doubt I shall ever do it again. But it was a ride to remember!!! Just how does one go about finding someone to raise a cow for you, for meat? I would like to do that too.

  2. I still have not taken a ride in a helicopter....adding that to my bucket list!! Loved the story in pictures ~ Have a beautiful day, my friend. lv alice

  3. Love the little archer??? I had a bow when I was was really my brothers and it was big. I shot arrows in the air....why you ask? No trees and nothing to stop UP was better. Not very safe (o:
    Nice basket...congrats (o:

  4. I always loved archery when in
    school and was pretty good at it.
    I hope she does well and enjoys
    it for a long time.

  5. I know what you mean, I think we all like to name things..even the cows..Gary and I named our red beta fish. How silly I know to name a fish, like he knows when we are taking to him. LOL although I think he did...
    How wonderful Miss S loves archery! good for takes a good eye and a strong arm.
    Have a sweet day, Elizabeth

  6. Little Miss S has a very good archery stance. What a cutie!


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