Tuesday, September 13, 2011

A Blessing Basket

There is nothing that gives me more joy than blessing others be it with a card, hug or an unexpected gift of love.  I just love how the Lord often orchestrates the timing and this happen when another needs encouragement desperately.  So it is with joy I can say that yesterday, on such a day, I received this basket from dear friend within our blogging community.  Sharon had a giveaway last week and I won; something I wasn't anticipating but so very grateful for.
 Her packaging is simply delightful!
 Look at all the goodies she sent-bookmarks, cards, stickers, tags, scripture cards in a darling basket; all sent by a heart of love.

I am looking forward to passing on special love gifts with some of her items-because like me, I know those who receive one of these will be blessed.
Please stop by and visit Sharon at http://theshepherdshouse.wordpress.com/ , I know you'll be blessed too.
Hugs today, Noreen


  1. What a nice gift! Don't you just love cards,stationary,etc. It if fun to give and fun to receive....sharing the love!

  2. Wow~ how beautiful!! I just love those un~expected little blessings:) congrats! on the win! Thank you for the sweet e-mail! loved the encouragement of prayer!! Hope you have a happy:) evening!!

  3. Oh, how fun! I love it when God drops unexpected blessings in our laps like that...just makes you feel like you received a big hug from heaven!!

  4. Beautiful gifts Noreen, and I will visit Sharon. Unexpected gifts are the best!

  5. Really lovely gifts. And they were done up so nicely by Sharon. Congrats to you!

  6. Oh how nice! Don't ya just love an unexpected blessing of joy? Makes my heart happy to see yours...HUGS, Debbie

  7. How lovely for you to receive that beautiful gift. Does our hearts good doesn't it? Blessings!

  8. What a nice surpirse. I love calling it a blessing basket

  9. Congratulations on the win! Such a BEAUTIFUL basket of goodies. Hope you are having a great week! ~Karen

  10. Congratulations, Noreen!
    Sharon is so sweet. Miss talking to her. I need to go visit her.


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