Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Autumn At My House

 Good Morning to you dear friends.  I finally got around to taking some photos of harvest decorations in our home.  You can click on the photo to get a bigger shot of these.  My oldest and her family had a wonderful garden this year and I was on the receiving end of it.  I love gourds, they had so many and it was wonderful to get them for our center island plus two  pumpkins.

I'm off to go to court today with a friend to watch a trial; I love watching trials. 
It's so beautiful here, I love this time of year.  Hubby and I are heading to the high places tomorrow to see the colors and the Elk; I can't wait.
Have an incredible day my friends.


  1. Beautiful decore, Noreen. I look forward to seeing your wilderness photos!...........Denise

  2. Hello Noreen! I am on a brief break as Mel is nursing Sam....All is going soo well. I just thought I'd visit my favorite blogs and say hello and thank you for all the prayers for Mel and for her little family. God is soo good. He is tiny, but strong and seems so content.

    I love your Fall decor. How nice to have all the gourds. Enjoy your week.

    Hugs to you my friend, Debbie

  3. Beautiful home! We have an antique sewing machine also! Enjoy your day!

  4. Your home looks lovely, Noreen.
    I love this time of year too,
    probably my favorite with spring
    a close second. That sewing
    machine is so beautiful, reminds
    me of one my aunt had.

  5. Fun to see your fall decorations. Thanks for sharing!

  6. Thank you for sharing the pictures. I have my mother's treadle sewing machine - the one I learned to sew on - but it is not as ornate as yours, just filled with beautiful memories.

  7. Pumpkins and real gourds are such a great way to decorate with! How nice your daughter had some to share!
    Have fun with your hubby on your day trip!

  8. Love all your pretty decorations. WOW lots of birthdays too. Ours all come in Jan. Hugs


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