Monday, September 19, 2011

Garage Sale bargains

Happy Monday to you.  On Saturday, my friend Kam and I went to the garage sales in our town.  Now that fall is upon us, we are finding that there are fewer and fewer sales and my hubby isn't too disappointed about that. However, for the last year I have been looking for one of these babies at a sale and was so excited to spot it.  They retail right around $100. here and although I knew I'd use it, I just couldn't pay that much for one.  So when I saw the tag on this for $25.00 I grew hopeful; Kam immediately asked if the gal would take $15.00 because that was all that I had one me and she readily said yes.  It was only used a time or two and was in great condition.  I came home and washed it and promptly made some vegetable juice using celery, onion, broccoli, carrots, a tomato and of course an apple.  It was so good but hubby wanted to know why I couldn't just eat all the ingredients, to which I replied that I left in the core and stem of the apple and the tops of celery because it is added vitamins.  I am hoping to just have juice for lunch twice a week but maybe more-we'll see.  I needed those extra vitamins because our old Reggie was up for almost two hours during the night.  He just kept wanting out and would eat grass; I never saw him get sick but I finally just left the door open and the light on the stairs on so he could find his way back upstairs.  I was worried that maybe it was his time but today he seems perfectly fine, it's me that is tired.  I did sleep in an extra half hour today but then went on our morning walk with Kam.  Hubby fixed an omelet when I got home with turkey bacon, salmon left over from dinner last night, swiss cheese and green onions.  Oh my was it good!!! No lunch for me though-well maybe just fresh juice.
I hope you had a blessed weekend and are rested up for a new week.
Hugs today.  Noreen


  1. Noreen, what an incredible garage sale bargain. I'm told a person can even plant wheat and barley and juice the "grass".
    Our dog, Bubba, is old too and I dread how hard winter will be for him.
    And salmon in an omelet, wow!
    Have a fantastic week.........Denise

  2. I love love finding good buys. We have a juicer and go through fazes of using it. Nothing like fresh juice. Have fun with it.

  3. Hello! What a find. I can see why you'd be excited. ENJOY! HUGS

  4. Wow, Noreen, you really scored big time with that juicer! Good job! I think juice for lunch would be SO much more nutricious than what most folks have for lunch!

    Thanks for stopping by - I'm glad I did some reading back - that little "Petrol" is so cute - I might be tempted to keep her when she comes to visit! Bless you and yours!

  5. Friend ~ I am so glad you are getting into juicing. When I was working in Santa Monica I used to buy freshly made juices at the organic co-ops every day (up to 20 ounces a day for 1 1/2 years), and boy, it really healed my body ~ my skin was so clear and my hair and nails were stronger, healthier....and I felt great!! I am 100% a big believer in the healing abilities of juicing!!! You go, Noreen!! :>) lv alice

  6. Oh my I got such a kick out of your just leaving the door open and the light on for Reggie - oh there have been (too) many times I would love to do that! But that just wouldn't work for us....but, trust me - I have SO considered that on those fourth trips downstairs and outside in the middle of the night!! So funny.

  7. Glad you found such a great buy! Juicing is so healthy!

  8. I have this same juicer, Noreen, and I love it! Here's to your health!


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