Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Here We Go Again

I can't believe we are doing it again so soon. Hubby and I love to paint but seriously two homes within a months time. Our daughters home has a much steeper roof than ours and this morning as we were both us there I actually thought about tying off with ropes. To make matters worse there is a wasp nest in the old satellite dish and they were flying around, not too happy to have us foolin' with the wires. Hopefully our sil will go up and spray them again so he can take the dish down since they don't use it and it is old. After getting a promotion in his company, he will be traveling on and off for a bit, so I'm thinking hubby and I will be doing a lot of the painting. Bless his heart, after he gets home from work he does as much as he can and unless we get a lot done this coming holiday weekend, hubby and I will be doing a large percentage of the painting. At least we love it and we are so thankful he got his new position.
This is our youngest granddaughter, our little buttercup, now 5 mos old. She is such a sweetheart and brings smiles to my face continually. She is on a quilt her mama made this summer; don't you just love the fabrics? Daughter actually machine quilted this, something I wouldn't attempt and she made it look so easy. Kudos to her. When I am off the roof and don't have a paint brush in hand, I get to concentrate on all four girls and love on this one.

Have a wonderful day friends.


  1. Oh my, that is a lot of painting. Good luck. Have fun with the grands, they are the sweetest blessings. Hugs, Marty

  2. Oh! Both of you please be very careful, Noreen. I love to paint too, but haven't had much time this summer, but hope I can this fall.
    Your little buttercup is adorable,and your daughter did a beautiful job.
    I read your last post and was so blessed by it, So many churches do try and put God in a box. Great post.

    I always mark my true friendships by this.... That if I don'r hear or see them for a long time, that when we do meet or talk, we always pick up where we left off just like it was yesterday.
    Thanks for always sharing your heart, and blessing me.

  3. Well now...you wouldn't want to come and paint mine, too, would you? We just had the exterior cleaned and my hubbs made the comment..."one more year and the paints gotta be changed!" ARGH!

    Sweet Post~


  4. Well my goodness.... You and your hubby sure know how to increase our prayer lives! I don't know about you two. I'll be glad when you decide to stop 'roof-hopping' and stay on level ground.
    The quilt is adorable. But the most adorable is the precious cutie lying on it!
    Now you make me want to start another quilt. Hmmmm...
    Hugs and prayers,

  5. You are going to end up being expert painters when you're through. I love the photo of your grandbaby; adorable.

    Love you,

  6. She is soooo cute and the quilt is awesome (o:
    I was right about you guys painting again (o:
    I am lucky no one trusts me on a roof
    I had my 2 month old daycare baby today
    at least he took a bottle easy
    the last Mama fed baby I had would NOT take the bottle without much work on my part (o:
    I kissed his head many times today (o:

  7. We are so not do-it-yourselfers, so I admire your painting skill. I would be much better at loving on the grandbabies.

  8. Wow! I think I got the same memo that painting has now become a family affair :) We have been helping our daughter do some painting as well...only ours has been inside. Your daughter did an amazing job on the quilt and little buttercup makes a cute model! Take care


  9. Yes, be careful. Enjoy the fam!

  10. Oh, my aching arms! You guys are saints to help out. If I were there I would hold the baby for you.

  11. Once my husband told me that he's glad he married me because I don't talk all the time and I'll paint. He doesn't like to paint at all, but it's okay because he does nice carpentry.
    After living in a home where everything outdoors needs frequent painting and staining, I'm enjoying looking at homes that don't.
    The quilt and baby are lovely!

  12. Your daughter did a great job on the quilt! And aren't grandchildren just the most precious things in the world? There's nothing like a fresh coat of paint to brighten up your world. Just be safe and soak in the tub each night!

  13. Holy smokes!! I am sooo praying for your backs!! Bless you heart! You are such a blessing to your family!

    That precious baby girl of yours is darling :) Don't you just adore grandbabies!!! Such a gift from the LORD!

    Love you

  14. You guys are master painters! Good luck, but be careful. I have that same quilt pattern, but have never made it. So cute! Love & blessings from NC!

  15. Cute, cute blanket....and good luck with the painting again!!!

  16. Ooh...just hoping you guys are being very careful. . .Had hoped that was once you stepped on solid ground after your last painting project, that was "it" for a long time. :) But it's so nice of you to help! And what a cutie your baby granddaughter is! :) I'm sure you enjoy lovin' on all of "them grand-youngins!" :) Hope you have a nice weekend. Thanks for the encouragement too! :) Love and Hugs!

  17. She is beautiful!

    Oh wow -- I would be hiring some painters for sure!


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