Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Tuesday blessings to you dear ones. I've just come from spending time with a dear friend, a sister in the Lord. We haven't seen much of each other this summer as she still has kiddos at home and her time is more limited during vacation. We were able to chat about life and also have a wonderful time of prayer. While getting caught up, I filled her in on what I'm doing health wise to hopefully rectify some issues I've been dealing with this year-mainly my liver and gall bladder. My liver issues have necessitated going gluten free for life and avoiding many food items such as dairy. I have had a fatty liver for the last eight years although I didn't know it; however I did know I have gallstones. Recently a blood test revealed an issue with my bile-duct, probably due to gallstones. At this point I am trying to do some natural things to cleanse my gallbladder without causing it harm and to purge my organ of the sludge that has built up~which brings me to thoughts for today. Just as improper care of our earthly bodies can create havoc and many physical problems, so can improper care of our spiritual lives cause problems. When you mention to me the possibility of surgery to correct a potential problem, it puts me into a state of panic; I'd much rather help my body naturally to heal than to go under a knife. The same is true of spiritual sludge, so often it is easy to justify it or deny it instead of taking our conditions, weak and pitiful as we are, to the Master Physician and asking Him to take out the sludge that keeps us from walking more fully in His Spirit. It also makes me so aware of the need, the great need, for us to come before the Throne each day and purge our lives, our thoughts and emotions of anything contrary to God's word and purpose for our lives. Lately, as much as I've been trying to purge my body of the sludge and gallstones so that it can function correctly, I am also, day by day, doing my best to bring my thoughts into the captivity of Christ thus purging my spiritual life from anything that doesn't belong there.
How about you? Will you join me this day?
Hugs, Noreen


  1. I think there is a great purging going on in the body of Christ these days. I am learning about toxic thought processes and about the words we speak. This is all part of our spiritual and physical health. God bless you as you heal.

  2. Noreen,

    Being a fellow gallstone sufferer as well, I know the importance of ridding our bodies of the things that don't bring us good nutrition and can instead harm us.

    Like you I am on a diet to avoid surgery if possible but after my hysterectomy this year, I am open to whatever God has in store.

    Praying for healing over your body and a renewal of your physical and spiritual bodies as well.

    Love and Hugs ~ Kat

  3. Great observation, Noreen! Yes, I need to purge the sludge and take thoughts captive, daily! I'd much rather deal with issues while they're small, and avoid the 'knife.' Thanks for the words of wisdom!! God bless!

  4. It sounds like you had a good time. So glad it went well. :)

  5. Noreen, I am so sorry that you are having health problems. I will pray that you will feel better and get along just fine. I agree with what you wrote about your spiritual health. We need to be aware of that on a daily basis as well. Glad you enjoyed your time with your friend. Love & blessings from NC!

  6. Amen!! Your post made me think about David in Psalm 51 (.."purge me with hyssop..."). David even knew the importance of being purge in the spirit.

    A daily spiritual cleansing is an necessity. Otherwise, we will become constipated in the spirit.

    Blessings to you on this post!!

  7. sounds like a great visit (o:
    I know i sure enjoy the visits with you
    what a strong post....
    I so agree...there is purging that needs to be done

  8. The Catholic Response to "Are You Saved?"

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  9. Thank you Noreen for the reminder to care for ourselves spiritually. I have to admit that lately I have been neglecting that part of my life. While I have been working on taking better care of my physical body. Thank you for the reminder. I will join you in taking better care of my spiritual health. Great post!


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