Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Outdoor Wednesday

Hi all~ Since it is Wednesday and the weather here is absolutely gorgeous hubby and I are heading down to Boulder to walk the mall before we have a meeting at noon. I love walking this area as it brings back so many memories from my high school/college age with the clothing-lots of tie dye; I'm so glad I got over that stage in life.
I hope you all have a wonderful day filled with something that brings you joy!
Blessings, Noreen


  1. Oh no .... We're supposed to get over the tie-dye stage??!! lol. Enjoy your day my dear friend.

  2. Now, that sounds like a treat! Enjoy!

  3. have fun (o:
    that area is so nice now
    back in the day....60's and 70's
    it was down right scary....
    it was still called Pearl Street,,,but just old and not remodeled and full of Hippies and panhandlers and drugs. I do like to go there now....not so much then

  4. Have a super time! I loved going to school in Boulder and I really miss it. It has been ages since we have been back there.

  5. Sounds like an enjoyable day! I must confess, I do still have some tie-dye but who's tellin'? Blessings

  6. Gammy is right about how much this part of Boulder has changed. When I was in high school it was an area we were not allowed to go to unless adults were with us. And Boulder hasn't been told tie-dye is dead.

  7. So..the truth don't have at least one tie-dye shirt in the back of your closet?

    Enjoy your walk!

  8. Wow, I do remember tie-dye. I hope you had a nice walk!


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