Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Wednesday Nugget

Good morning dear friends, I pray this finds you well and cherishing each moment of life.
Yesterday as I was reading "Streams in the Desert" two thoughts embedded themselves into my brain, nuggets of pure gold and I pray they will encourage you today.

"I have faith in God that it will happen just as He told me." Acts 27:25

George Mueller, once traveling to Quebec, looked upon conditions that clearly indicated he would not make his destination on time. A man of great faith, he took to prayer and then told the captain of the vessel " My eye is not on the dense fog but on the living God, who controls every circumstance of my life. ...There has never been even a single day that I have failed to get an audience with the King."
I don't know what areas of uncertainty that are confronting you today but He does.
Take the sentence and insert whatever thing you are facing and be reassured.

"My eye is not on the ..................... but on the living God, who controls every circumstance of my life." He will not fail you or forsake you.

Trusting In His grip,


  1. Thank you for this one Noreen. I filled in the blank as you suggested. My eyes are on Jesus today.

    Love you,

  2. Oh my blog is not updating your posts, and I did not read about your vertigo til just now!!! I hope you are fine now. That is awful!!! Up on a ladder is NOT the place to be for that!!!
    I think you had asked me a question on your last comment to me, but for the life of me now, I cannot remember it!!! Anyway...hope you are feeling fine now.

  3. Noreen,

    Loved this post! I prayed this short prayer and inserted the perfect thing that had come to mind. Thank you for always being encouraging!

    Love and Hugs ~ Kat

  4. Dear Noreen....this was so good! Thanks so much. Simply trusting Him and His Word---Believing His Word to be true, every one--- and this will bring rest to our weary hearts! :) Thanks so much! Will be in touch as soon as I can. . . tomorrow's my first day of school..Anatomy. . .oh sounds interestingly scary. LOL Thanks again for this precious promise!

  5. A much needed reminder. Thank you.

  6. Oh Hallelujah.... " My eye is not on the dense fog but on the living God, who controls every circumstance of my life ..."
    It really is about how we perceive the things we're facing. (Who's report shall we believe?)
    I loved this one Noreen.


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