Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Happy Thursday dear friends. I love this day of the week, how about you? Yesterday I had a great day~hubby was of golfing so I got a chance to walk 3 miles with a girlfriend, get a much needed haircut and take my girl and her girls out to lunch. How thankful I am for the Lord's blessings in my life.
Being today is TT, I wanted to thank the Lord for extended family and family roots.
This is my cousin Steve, the one closest in age to me, who I spent time with during my childhood. He was always very gracious when I was visiting his family and would let me tag along, just like a kid sister. I happened to see this photo of Steve at his son's wedding and as my sister-in-law said "doesn't this just scream Ireland". All of us cousins do look Irish but I think Steve looks the most Irish. He has a quick sense of humor and although I don't see him and his wife very often, I enjoy our visits. I am very proud of my heritage and look forward to the day when I can visit my grandparents homeland.


  1. Aww! What a sweet cousin! I am the oldest of all my cousins and loved spending time with them too!

    Sooo glad you had such a blessed day yesterday...getting a much needed haircut just makes everything better doesn't it ;)

    Have a blessed day Noreen

    Love u

  2. We picked raspberries on our walk in the ally (the girls call it the valley) it was a calming balm on a crazy morning. The school girls had late start so everyone stopped by in the morning. Five little girls running around getting out every toy while I tried to talk to their Mom. When the Mom and 2 left and I had three girls... I was fried already. I am older ya know. Hee hee. The little walk and berries and a Popsicle helped us all to settle down.
    On Monday and Wed. I have three girls (two mine and one daycare) and we go to parks our McDonald's. sometimes. Maybe you could bring a few kids and meet us for the morning and picnic (or McDonald,s).

  3. Your right ~ what a wonderful thing to be thankful for ~ and one often extended family has added soo much blessing to my life. Have a wonderful day. HUGS

  4. Family roots are a blessing to be thankful for. I hope you get to fulfill your wish to visit Ireland.

  5. Thanks for sharing your grateful heart.

  6. Steve does look Irish, and he is handsome to I might add. I m so glad you got to have lunch with your daughter and your grandchildren, I do miss that so much.I would love to have you walk with me on my walks. Hope your day is filled with many more blessings,
    Hugs, Sue

  7. Yes, I love Thankful Thursday, as well! Great picture of your cousin - very GQ:) Happy your "TT" was a blessed one!

  8. So nice to give thanks for family!
    I saw several cousins last weekend at my niece's wedding. Fun!
    Happy Thankful Thursday :)

  9. What a wonderful day. I envy you the walk. Fallen arches have made me into a bicycler. But I continue to pray for healing! May your weekend be blessed.....Denise

  10. Am always grateful for family too. Hope you get to visit Ireland soon Noreen!


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