Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Outdoor Wednesday

So this year has been so different in all areas of our weather~spring brought lots of rain and lasted a long time, summer was late coming, we've had heavier rains than normal for our afternoon showers, fewer Mayflies and this week we've been hit hard by grasshoppers. I don't mind these, in fact I'll take them over Mosquiotos anyday. Sunday afternoon we had heavy rain and hubby went outside and immediately called me-we had grasshoppers all over the side of the house. Since then, they haven't been quite so heavy but there is an abundance of this little insect. Still being new to living on the plains, dear friends, can anyone share any wisdom about why we are getting so many more than we've ever seen before.

Our neighbor simply told us nature is cyclical; I do worry about the farmers though because I remember hearing how insects could wipe out a crop very quickly.

We had a lovely tea party yesterday and I will post photos tomorrow. Have a wonderful day dear friends.

Hugs, Noreen


  1. Our weather has been so similar. We don't have hoppers yet, but they should come any time. They tend to make their appearance when the grain ripens. By the way, what types of crops do farmers grow in your area? We mainly have wheat, barley and hay, but several farmers have grown mustard this year. Organic farmers in the area grow flax. and lentils. Have a great painting day!.......Denise

  2. In our neck of the woods, we have been dealing with these little critters for at least 6-7 years now. They even destroy rose bushes. Really now!!

  3. Good Morning Noreen Sweetie...
    Oh those darn grass hoppers. Yep they sure can wipe out the crops pretty darn quick. It seems to be a little late in the season for them to be showing up though. WOW.

    I came by to see if you had your teaparty pics up, so I will be back tomorrow. Can't wait to see the share.

    Have a beautiful Wednesday.

    Country hugs sweetie...Sherry

  4. Loved the photos-so clear and well captured!
    Hope your day is good.

  5. Oh those grasshoppers. I haven't seen many here in Oregon. It is very dry and warm here. I am ready for fall.
    A couple of things I miss here are lightening bugs and crickets. Isn't that funny about the crickets? I love to hear them sing at night. Every once and a while we will have one.

    Have a most wonderful day!


  6. Yep, cyclical. I remember grasshopper season. The absolute worst though is miller moth season. Talk about heebie jeebies!

  7. We have had a bad year for weather also. It feels like fall now. The flies are sticky and nasty and we are seeing weeds that normally show up in September in full bloom heading to seed now!


  8. They sound so pretty but they sure can be destructive. We don't have them (yet) around here. I have seen some gardeners drape sheer material over their flowers/veggies to protect them.
    Looking forward to your teaparty pics!
    Hugs and blessings,

  9. Yeah looks like here, we have every flying, crawling and leaping critter known to man in this area, enjoyed seeing yours, hugs

  10. It seems we get them here in Oz as well although here in the city we don't see too much evidence. I heard on the news last week that in the west of the state where huge areas of crops grow, they are expecting an invasion any tick of the clock. I don't think I'd like to see them in their millions as you do on film. Blessings!

  11. I'm not much of an insect person but I'll take grasshoppers over spiders and bees any day!

    I love you my friend and enjoyed reading your post before this one too. Your flowers are so beautiful and I love your house and the front both make a great team in the painting department too. It looks really good Noreen. I wish I had your energy. :)

    Love you,

  12. Our weather has not been normal either. Our winter was the coldest in a long time and now our summer has been the hottest we have had in a while too. We have not been bothered by grasshoppers. Love & blessings from NC!

  13. Hi Noreen,
    Please never feed an animal raw meat unless you have grown the animal yourself!!!! The things we buy in the store are not good for anything alive unless cooked well!!
    I am cooking for Bambi all the time. She eats barily, green beans, sweet potatoes, fresh tomatoes from the garden and fresh herbs from the garden. Separately I cook groung beef or ground sirloin, oh yes things have sea salt in them too. She has banans and pineapple every AM too.
    She is doing so well on this diet!!
    We (Tom and I) eat really good too!! We should take good care of this body our Lord gave us!!!
    So happy to talk with you dear friend!!!
    XXOO, Fern

  14. PS, We have had grasshoppers this year too. Not as many as you but we never had them before!!


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