Thursday, May 30, 2013

Thankful Thursday

I can't believe it is already after noon!  I want to thank all of you who lifted up my sil, concerning her surgery.  Susan is much more than just a sister in law, she is a best friend, encourager, and the epitome of love, hospitality and graciousness.  When I heard that she was "having a minor procedure" done, I was concerned; you see she has diabetes and that always complicates health issues.  Her minor procedure was having a stint put in one of the arteries of her heart.  These days, we have known lots of folks that have had this procedure and while it isn't as difficult as it once was, it is still serious.  I am thankful to say that although she had two stints put in, she was released yesterday late afternoon and is home doing well.  I told her that our family just needs and loves her too much; she must take care of herself. 
This morning hubby and I dropped Hunter off at the groomers and then headed to DMV again; we went yesterday morning and didn't have all the paper work to register the Highlander. When we went back yesterday afternoon, the line was so long we knew we'd be waiting over two hours, so decided go back today.  Unfortunately, we still didn't have all the paperwork and have to wait ten days to get the title to our new vehicle.  Since we had our morning free, we headed to the grocery store to stock up-my pantry looked bare. I also tend to stock up during these months of tornado season and needed a few more items.  We got the call that our pup was done and oh how handsome he looks-in fact, he'll be on FB tonight.  So today, we are giving thanks for all the blessings in our lives-family and talented/gifted surgeons who take care of health problems, a loyal and adorable pup, the blessings of nice weather with no tornadoes and for life.  Live it to its fullest.
Hugs to you,
Noreen & Hunter


  1. Glad all went well with your SIL! Minor or not, that is still serious stuff!

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

  2. We are very happy to hear that Susan did so well. Any procedure these days is scary but with her complications we can understand why you were worried.

    The DMV is so easy to work with. We have had nightmares when we lived in CT and MA - long lines, misinformation given, lots of return visits. Maybe you need to move to our area:)

    Can't wait to see Hunter, but we don't do FB.

  3. Hi Noreen,I am so glad Susan is doing well. I bet Hunter came home as cute as a button! It is almost time for our Jack to visit the groomer.
    Hope you are doing well,I haven't been blogging to much lately, busy with the farm and family.
    I looked at your new car, and what a beauty it is, enjoy.

  4. So glad that your SIL is doing so well after surgery. Being diabetic does make a difference in the healing process, so praying that goes quickly for her. Its amazing how they can do so many things now that they couldn't do years ago.
    We have one DMV here that we just won't go to. There is one that is just the best and you can get in and out of in no time. The difference in the staff is like night and day.
    We have so many things to be thankful for and so glad you missed the tornadoes. There is a warning out now for the next county west of here. We have got 3 days now of iffy weather here.

  5. A very thankful and uplifting post. Thank you, Lord,for answered prayers re your sil.

  6. Glad that your SIL is okay- any type of procedure is always scary! How cute Hunter must look with his new "do". I went to the grocers today and stocked up, too. If the rain lets up I will grill out tonight- Hope you have a great evening- xo Diana

  7. That is such wonderful news about your sister-in-law!
    Can't wait to see Hunter!

  8. So glad Susan's surgery went well! Isn't modern medicine's miracles every day!

  9. Happy to hear that the surgery went well. We know all to well how diabetes can complicate things. Looking forward to seeing the handsome Hunter.

  10. Glad to hear Susan is well and home. Mom needs to go to the DMV too this week. Wait ... no photos of Hunter??? Golden Woofs, Sugar


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