Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Happy Tuesday friends~I hope you had a great Memorial Day weekend!  Ours was good, but Sunday was definitely different and a little bit stressful; however I prefer to think about the positive and fun things we did.  We had lots of fun family time; games and dessert and then yesterday lunch at our oldest girls house with everyone.  Hubby and I also went on a six mile bike ride last evening-it was good to get back into the swing of it. 
Unfortunately, Sunday was not a good day with other dogs; in fact, as we walked by a neighbor's house whose dog was off lead and without its owner around-well he(a 90 lb Labradoodle)ran out and knocked me to the ground and attacked Hunter.  Thankfully, hubby was with us and was able to pull the dog off of Hunter and help me up.  The dog normally wears an electronic collar which controls him but the owner had left it off of him after they went running.   We did talk with the owner immediately afterwards and they also came over yesterday to apologize and make sure we were o.k. I'm thankful there were no broken bones and that Hunter had no visible injuries. 
This is the third time that Hunter has been gone after by a big dog; no wonder he doesn't like dogs that are bigger than he is. The one thing I will say about Hunter and Bichons in general is that they are not fighters.  Hunter has never even tried to defend himself when other dogs are biting him.  His trainer has also said there is not a mean bone in this little dog-for that I am thankful.  Later that day we went to some friends home for dinner and their was a visiting dog, that Hunter met a year ago, who kept being aggressive with Hunter.  Finally, I said this is enough and took Hunter home.  Our friends have a new puppy and this was a celebration for them but I knew I would never relax if I was worrying about my pup.  After I brought him home, I went back and had a relaxing evening. I also wondered if Hunter wasn't giving off some scent of fear from his earlier incident.  I will say that the experience on Sunday has definitely impacted me by making me more aware of other dogs-even in yards.  I don't want to be fearful at all but I also don't want to be around dogs that are not contained. 
So we've gone on our walk and now I'm going to get out and do some yard work. 
How about you-did you have a fun weekend?  I'd love to hear about it.
Joy to you today!
Noreen & Hunter


  1. We had a nice weekend but didn't do anything special since mom finished up her painting project. Mom is also VERY aware of how other dogs are around me and Stanley. She does not want us to have negative experiences either. It was smart that you removed Hunter from the possible bad experience. Mom has little patience for people who let their dogs run loose but it is a good thing the owners checked to make sure everything was OK. Did Hunter actually get bites from the other dogs? Stanley got attacked once but was not bitten but it scared us all a lot! Stanley cried loudly and for a long time and just shook in fear when it happened. Tell Hunter if he was our neighbor we would just play with him and teach him how to have fun in our pool.

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

  2. I'm very thankful that you and Hunter were not badly hurt Sunday. I'm pleased that the owner apologized and checked up on you BUT his dog should never have been loose in the first place.
    We had a quiet weekend and our weather has been glorious.
    Have a nice day.

  3. Poor Hunter! We by nature don't go looking for fights, either. It's in our blood to work together with other pups. We sure hope he's ok.

  4. I'm so glad you and Hunter are okay. We have one of "those" dogs. Molly was abused her first year of life and even 3 years with us and lots of training and love have not done much to decrease her fear. It seems to be natural for her to make sure all other dogs know that this is HER home and HER yard. She has never hurt people but she has nasty looking fangs and barks out of fear. I just discovered if I keep her on a leash, but don't pull on it she is more relaxed. She will stop barking and smell a person and then turn away. But before if I was pulling tight on her leash to make sure I had control she thought something was wrong and kept barking. I will ALWAYS say she could do something harmful but we are working hard on it. There is definitely a way to introduce dogs, especially certain breeds or adopted dogs. I am so very thankful for Molly. She is a doofy, happy, goof ball with us and people she knows. But we know to put her up in her room when certain people who are scared come over. She just seems to sense it and barks a lot. I hate people who don't use leashes when walking their dogs. We have many like that. I say if their dog approaches Molly on her long front porch leash and something happens it is their fault. We tried the fenceless shock collar. One time she crossed the barrier to run at some kids but once she smelled them she was fine. The rest of the time she actually leaned against the house, too scared to get out and play. So we gave up on that. Always it is wise to respect an animal. And to remember that our experiences in training our animal may be so different from what other people have done. I respect people's fear when they see Molly get going but we work HARD to keep everybody safe while we enjoy her.
    I would love to have a goldendoodle some day. I have heard they are happy, gentle dogs. I'm glad we could rescue Molly but I look forward to regular training instead of repairing damaged dogs. Hope the rest of your week goes well. I haven't been getting around the blogging world much this last month. I need to catch up.

  5. I was surprised to her the labradoodle went after Hunter and you. Heard they are usually very gentle....how scary! Our dog barked a lot when people came....too old now......but as soon as people talked to him he would stop and be docile. Poor Hunter! Too many bad experiences!

  6. Surprising that a labradoodle attacked you all - they are normally gentle dogs. Just goes to show you that all dogs need to be respected and treated with caution until you know them and they know you. I'm so glad that you and Hunter weren't harmed and that you had a good weekend otherwise. {{{hug}}}

  7. I still get chills reading about your encounter. I am glad you and Hunter are okay and that the other dog owner seemed concerned. Still takes a lot of courage for me to be around a blue colored pittie.
    take care :)
    p.s. all the paperwork has been sent in for the girlz. Check another one off the list. :)

  8. I am happy to hear that the neighbors checked in with you. That is something. Your a good mom to keep Hunters best interest at heart.

  9. It is always scary to be around animals when they don't behave the way we want them to. I just got my computer so I am back visiting. I've missed you--xo Diana

  10. Hi Noreen...I am so sorry to hear of your incident and very glad that neither you or Hunter were injured! Sure glad that your husband was with you! Unfortunately we didn't have a good weekend as it was all work and no play. My siblings are in town from CT and TN to try to clean out our parents' place. It is going to be very trying to get it all done by Saturday...long story? Send some prayers my way if you can...so in need right now? Hugs to both you and Hunter and again, so relieved you both are all right!
    Jeanne and girlz

  11. So sorry to read about the encounter you and Hunter had with the other dog but so glad you were both ok. I once had a dog run out at us once too while we were walking. The dog was not on a leash and he tried to attack Sherman. Sherman dragged me down and we were both fine but it certainly left me shaken for a long time.

  12. Hello, So glad you stopped in and very happy to have a new follower!
    I so love to write and blog. I will be checking on you also :)
    May you have a wonderful day!
    We live in very South East Co.
    So glad we are sisters in Christ and neighbors!!
    Blessings, Roxy


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