Monday, May 27, 2013

For all those who so bravely have given their lives defending our liberties and our country, We salute you and say Thank You.  To all those currently serving in the armed forces for our freedom, we honor you today. 


  1. Happy Memorial Day to all! And God Bless our troops still out there protecting us.

  2. Amen Noreen, Amen.
    ps- is my pal Hunter OK?

  3. Memorial Day is so much more than a day for BBQs and get-togethers ... thanks for reminding us all.

  4. In Goose's words, Amen Noreen, Amen.

  5. Well said Noreen!!!
    Ps.. I love your new ride
    congratulations.. I hope that new car smell lasts forever.. I love that smell..
    have a blessed day.

  6. We couldn't have said it any better. Happy Memorial Day!!!

  7. Yes, we need to honor the fallen and the families they leave behind!

    Now, about that other business, was the Dood being aggressive or was it out of control "wild wif joy"? Either way is bad, we are glad you did not get hurt but we wonder how terrified Hunter must have been! Did the owner come out? When I jump on someone I am gentle but Stanley is a bit "wild wif joy" but at 31 pounds he cannot knock someone over. Mom and dad are ALWAYS telling us "OFF"! Just glad you are oK!!

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

  8. Beautifully done! And you're right - it's been hard to find appropriate images especially this year. Yours is spot-on.
    God bless those who gave their lives in defense of our country!


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