Thursday, May 23, 2013

A Smile For You

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With all the devastation that Oklahoma has experienced this week, I felt that it would be a good thing to try to bring you a smile or something cute each day. Yesterday afternoon, this baby bunny decided to have his dinner in our yard. We often get bunnies running through; Hunter loves to give chase and has gotten pretty close at times. I'm not quite sure what he would do if he got really close to one; doubt he would try to hurt it, I think the chase is what is fun. However, yesterday when I spotted this little guy and was able to get up close and personal without him taking off, I was really concerned. He let me get about six photos and then Hunter joined us. The bunny ran and I thought for sure that he would make it under the fence; he didn't-just sat among some vines and watched Hunter look for him. I took Hunter inside, to avoid any serious problems, and the bunny just hung out eating grass. As much as I love seeing a bunny or two in the yard, I do worry that they might get hurt or that Hunter might get scratched.
My dear hubby got home last evening and let me tell you it is so good to have him back!!! He always has such fun on his annual golf trip but I sure miss him when he's gone.
It is cold and dreary here today, so I think we will be running errands and just catching up on household chores.
Prayers still going up for those impacted this week.
Until tomorrow,
Noreen & Hunter


  1. We have lots and lots of bunnies here. Or Bun Buns as I call them. It is not uncommon to go outside in the evening and see chickens grazing on one end and bunnies on the other.
    Glad hubby is back. Mine left today for his annual fishing trip to Cabo San Lucas.
    : (

  2. We had a bunch of rabbits that came from next door when they started tearing up the place. Then a fox show up and most of the poor rabbits got eaten poor babies!! The fox seems to be gone now!!

  3. Such a cute little bunny! When I see him I think of "all things new". There is always hope.

  4. Our golden retriever loved baby bunnies. She wAnted to play with them, and no matter how gentle she tried to be, she was just too big and the bunny. Thankfully she only played with one. After that we would do bunny nest patrol before letting her loose in the yard off leash.

    Glad you're hubby is home.

  5. We have bunnies too, and I share your concerns about them, because I'd never want one to become injured because of one of the dogs. I hope the little one in your yard stays safe, and so does Hunter!!

    PS: That sweet little pup Bentley is certainly a cutie!!

  6. Very cute bunny but please tell him/her to stay there in Colorado - Mom says we aren't very nice to rabbits:(

    Have a great weekend with hubby home.

    Woos - Phantom, Thunder, Ciara, and Lightning

  7. That bunny just has no fear...

    Happy Thursday

  8. Believe it or not we have lots of bunnies around us too. And who would have thought it? Not much in the way of yards and food, haha. Cute pic. Have a wonderful 3 day week-end Noreen. HUGS

  9. BUNNY! Oh, how I love bunnies! The ones in our neighborhood usually hop over to see me when I'm out on walks with Mom. Now that Cammie's in our family… that might not be a good idea. Hmm.
    Play bows,


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