Thursday, May 16, 2013

Thankful Thursday

As always, I am pausing to count my many blessings today. I hope you've made it a habit too; if not daily, then take one day per week to acknowledge how blessed you are. I know many are struggling, but it could always be worse! Yesterday was a grand day; of course it started with a nice walk, then hubby and I took things down that we were donating to the garage sale and I began gathering the items I wished to sell. It does feel good to clear out some clutter and items that I have had for many many years. By mid morning, we had errands to run and while we were out hubby stopped off at the bike store. You see, my mountain bike is approximately 20 yrs old and although still in good shape, it needs a tune up. Each spring I have issues with it and due to the fact that the bar(it is a woman's bike)is high, it is getting more difficult for me to get off of. Last week I saw a bike at Costco that was just what I was hoping for-something nice without a high bar and reasonably priced. So yesterday, we found a bike that met all my criteria and it was very reasonably priced plus at a good store too, which offers free tune-ups etc. Here it is~I Love It and am so thankful for it.
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What I like is that it is called a hybrid-a cross between a mountain bike and a cruiser. We do enough dirt paths that I needed the tough tires and you will notice that the bar is low; it is called an cross-through, I think. I was so excited; hadn't planned on getting it yesterday at all. My sweet man knew I needed a new bike now. WE got home and had lunch and then he went to the golf course; what did I do-you got it, I went on a 4 mile bike ride. It was beautiful out and I just wanted to use it right away; seems the rain was coming. I am hoping to ride at least four miles, minimum, daily plus walking. When I am riding with hubby we will probably do the ride to our town lake, which works out to 8 miles.  Two years ago,you may remember, we rode a lot-in fact for the month of June and July rode a minimum of 90 miles.  That is our goal for this year; my bike will make it much easier-that is once I get my "bike butt"(which is getting used to the seat when riding so much). 
I am so thankful to be able to ride distances and the ability to get back into shape.  My honey will be away for a couple of days and I get to start juicing again and just eating salads-yippee! I always feel better when I juice, but for some reason during the winter, it just doesn't sound appealing. In case you are wondering, I juice with fresh veges and fruits: spinach, kale, beets, cucumber, celery, carrots, peppers and lots of strawberries or apples and ginger root.  I especially like kale because it helps detox your liver.  I found out years ago, I have a "fatty liver" and so try to juice to have it regenerate.  I think most of America has this condition, due to our poor and processed diets; at least that is what I have heard over the years. 
I am thankful for warmer weather and also for a wonderful camera-which we are going to use this morning to take some photos of two baby owls.  I am thankful for family and friends and health.
Hope you have a joyous day.
Noreen & Hunter


  1. How neat! I love your new bike. I hear you on the high bar and how uncomfortable it is to get on and off of. Mine is that way too and I'm short, so I have to tip my bike to get on and off. It keeps me from using it.

    Did you end up buying yours from Costco?

    Have fun riding!
    Gracious Hospitality

  2. I love your new bike! And the seat looks comfortable. That's always important.

  3. Hi LaDonna, I didn't get it from Costco because we are no longer members but if you have one near you-check; it is the same brand and was the same price. I had the same problem getting off my old bike too. I love riding and plan to try to get out daily.

  4. What a great bike! Our pawrents have comfort bikes but have not ridden them since me and Stanley came cuz they want to get a trailer so we can go with them.

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

  5. We love your thankful posts because they do give us pause/paws to remember how much we all have to be thankful about.

    Mom would love to ride a bike too, but with her back bothering her and the easily breaking bones issue, probably not a good choice for her. We will do our best to keep her walking:)

    Woos - Phantom, Thunder, Ciara, and Lightning

  6. Congrats on your new bike! Sounds like FUN!!!

  7. Good for you I am so impressed with your outdoor skills and goals.I am not juicing, but I am really re-doing my whole eating regimen and including so many of those great strong foods.

    Keep after it!! :)

  8. Hi Noreen! What an awesome new bike!! I have one but have not been able to ride it for several years now. Due to my mobility issues, we are looking into possibly getting an electric bike. It is a work in process and much depends upon what the new doctor says. Enjoy your weekend! xo Jeanne


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