Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Sounds and Sights of the Seasons

Yesterday when I was out in the yard, I happened upon this fellow.  Unfortunately, he was dead but still intact and I wondered about him.  Was it the heat?  We are still having days in the high 90's but there is a change in the air; the evenings and mornings are cooler and some of the Locust trees in our development have turned  a brilliant yellow.  This year has been different all over the country; we haven't had the number of grasshoppers we normally get, mosquitoes have been less as well(thankfully since I get horrific allergic reactions to bites), but one thing we are already hearing is the cicadas.  I had never heard of these before we moved here but old wives tales state that when you hear them, you've got six weeks til the first frost.  Oh my, we've been hearing them for several weeks now.  I can't say that I am wanting to stall summer; although I love it, I also love autumn.  Autumn is a time for candles, sweatshirts, quilts and sewing more quilts, reading and not getting up so very early to beat the heat.  We have many family birthdays in the fall and our new little grandson will be born mid-Sept., so there are lots of parties.  This year my brother and sister of my heart will be out for the big Stanford-Boulder game, which we will be attending with them. I always love it when they are here for a visit!  I am wondering if other areas of the country are seeing signs of fall already? 
Have a beautiful day!  Noreen


  1. Here in the Pacific Northwest, we just got our Summer! I'm finally warm through and through.
    I do like Fall, also.

  2. Morning Noreen,
    I have to say there is no sign of Fall here yet, it has been a 100
    degrees every day, and thankfully we have been getting some rain, which is such a blessing considering the poor midwest.......so praying for them to get rain.
    Oh the only sign of Fall that I have seen is a Fall yankee candle spray
    Becky gave me on Friday, smells wonderful and made me longgg for Fall. lol

    So you have a wonderful week hon,
    Love and blessings, Nellie

  3. Good morning! Well not a single sign here in So. Cal....I can tell you I am looking forward to it though! How I love the Fall. We don't get much of a Fall compared to most part of the country, but I love it nonetheless. The new baby is getting close. Hope your daughter is doing well. Sept babies are hard with the heat and being at the end of pregnancy and all. Have a good day!

  4. I can tell ya that over at Bert's place that the leaves are falling off the trees!!! Not so much at my house, a little bit however. I am looking forward to the end of August cuz MOM is taking me backpacking in Idaho for four days.

  5. You are the second person that has said they found evidence in their yard that fall is coming sooner this year. Now I am starting to get suspicious that there might be something to this!

    It has been a very hot summer. We're 99-100 here all week. The northern coast will be wonderful!

    Your friends,

    Murphy & Stanley

  6. We have been hearing the cicada for quite some time and we seem to have a ton of dragonflies. In August my garden begins to look a little tired but our temps generally stay pretty warm through October, the end of summer always make me a little sad

  7. Good morning my friend. I too love Fall, and all that it means. The only signs of Fall here, are that the leaves of the big sycamore trees out front are looking dried and withered, and will be falling very soon. The dog days of summer are truly here, and we are having some record breaking heat. Ugh. Thank heavens for my pool!!!
    XO Kris

  8. I noticed a few trees are losing color already. It is hard to believe that summer is winding down...although Fall is my favorite season, by far. However, I want to hang onto summer just a bit longer because our winters here are long and hard.- xo Diana

  9. We can feel Fall in the air especially at night, though the days are a little extra warm. I hope it just isn't wishful thinking. ~smile~
    Enjoy your day.

  10. Yes, seasons are changing, but cooler temps have not arrived here. One of your benefits of living in CO.

    Like you, Noreen, I prefer never to see mosquitoes! Evil little pests!

    I look forward to lighting candles...vanilla, apple, or Fall scents!
    Hugs :)

  11. No signs of fall here, although I'm eager for its arrival. But my neighbor insists that we're going to have an early fall ... and I certainly hope she's right. ;-)

  12. fewer mosquito is certainly a blessing :) I've heard the cicadas and my children find the sound just fascinating. Wow it's hard to think of frost in this heat but I am so very looking forward to fall and winter! :)


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