Sunday, August 26, 2012

Watchful Eyes

I do believe that Lily picked this spot out, to watch out over the yard before we ever got Hunter. There must be some innate ability for dogs to figure out the best place to watch over their turf.  Hunter had never seen Lily sitting on this chair before, looking out front, when he first tried it.  He doesn't do it often, usually when hubby is expected home or if their are neighbors out in front.

I think Hunter has had such a fun time but Lily shows that she is the boss of him.  Of course, it may be due to the fact that he is always biting her tail, her legs, her ears and anything else he can grab. I've never seen a dog as mouthy as he is, despite the chew toys I provide.  I'm hoping it is because he is still somewhat of a puppy at almost 9 mos old.  They are well suited to each other and Lily is very tolerant but every now and again she gives him a scolding.  I love that we can trade dog sitting; it is so much better than kenneling them and Lily never liked to be kenneled, so I think she is much happier here.
I had planned to quilt all afternoon but after running to our youngest girl's home, my plans have changed. Her garden is overflowing and she is just too tired, at 35 weeks pregnant with four young children, to do more canning so we came home with two large bags of basil; after Lily goes home, I'll be off to the market for fresh garlic, Parmesan Cheese, olive oil and begin making many batches of pesto to freeze.  It is so easy but is time consuming.  I love basil and hers has done so well this summer; we also came home with more tomatoes and cucumbers. 
I hope you have a wonderful afternoon.
Blessings, Noreen


  1. That second picture is adorable. Our dog Skye plays with my grand dog Charlie all the time. Charlie is always after her legs and ears.
    He is mouthy too!

  2. Aren't they cute together? You can tell who is boss! I did not know you could freeze pesto! xo Diana

  3. Hunter sure has a real good friend in Lily. They are very cute together. And all us pups need a place to survey or yard. It's a rule.

  4. Look at those cute fuzzy bottoms!!!
    This week my mission is to can both peaches and grateful for our bounty.

  5. Oh, that baby will be here soon - can't wait for the good news arrival.

    Hunter and Lily look so much alike, good thing for those little bows that help us tell them apart:)

    Yes, that leg nipping is puppy play, but not a bad idea to discourage it while he is still young.

    Have a great week, and happy canning:)

    Woos - Phantom, Thunder, Ciara, and Lightning

  6. They are so cute together! Me and Stanley sit on the couch and look out the window sometimes but mostly we just stand up to the window and gaze out. I used to have to stand in my bed to reach the window but now I am tall enough to do it from the floor! Happy National Dog Day!

    Your friends,

    Murphy & Stanley

  7. They are so cute together!!!!! Enjoy your pesto!!!
    XO Kris

  8. They are just so cute together! How nice that you can share dogsitting. We were blessed with a wonderful dogsitter ... we would have never been able to travel without her ... I just hated the thought of having to kennel them.

    I didn't get to do much quilting either. A couple of hours Friday afternoon and another hour Sunday afternoon. I'm hoping to have a few hours to be able to sit at the machine tomorrow afternoon. Hope you will get in some time with your quilt, too.

  9. They are quite a pair, and Todd gets 'scolded' from the other dogs when he gets to be too much too. But it's nice when they get to have fun together, and that you get to enjoy fresh pesto!

  10. awww.... cute pics, mom. thanks so much for watching her. I really hope it went well. I'll talk to you tomorrow. :)

  11. Sounds great. What's your pesto recipe?

  12. Aw they both be uber cute!

  13. How cute these 2 sweet dogs are together, and how to fun to watch them interact! We used to dogsit a couple of great dogs, but sadly, they have both passed away after enjoying long lives. Our Lucy does like it when we have other dogs here, so hopefully we will have more dogs to sit someday!


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