Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Tuesday Trouble

Good Morning~I hope you had a good day yesterday; it is always much better to start the week on a good note rather than a bad day. Well, I got my pesto sauce made, took two containers to my girl, one container and Starbucks to a friend so we could visit and spent the evening quilting. I love it when you bless others and are blessed in return! I went over to my friends home, she and her hubby both have serious health issues and when they recently moved, I was able to help pack them up. We aren't talking a huge amount of work but I did spend a good amount of time with them. Isn't that what friends do! Yesterday, they presented me with an original oil painting by a Ca. painter(deceased)named Marty Bell; the painting is titled Friendship Bouquet. Such a wonderful blessing and I will post a photo of it later. Meanwhile, back at home our little guy was really good until later, when he started getting into mischief. Can you tell?

This morning he is really full of it; you know, when they start getting into everything first thing in the morning. He's already been told to "leave it" several times; I'm just glad I'm taking him to the park to walk this morning.  I guess I really should get dressed.  I will post more photos of Mesa Verde tomorrow.
Until then my friends, get outside and enjoy the day, unless you live in the Gulf Coast-then be careful and know many are praying for you!
Noreen and one little mischievous Hunter 


  1. Oh My :) your pesto sauce sounds wonderful!, I am going to make it for my brother he loves pesto.
    Hunter is so playful and he's so darn cute...Enjoy your walk its so nice to get outside when the weather is cooling off and not so hot.
    How sweet of your friends to gift you such a lovely painting.
    Sending hugs, Elizabeth

  2. Ha Ha Hunter. Looks like you are ready to play. I love it. Getting outside is some good advice. I will take that advice and head out the door. Catch me if you can.

  3. Ah Hunter, you are being a bit sneaky this morning - good job!

    Your friends,

    Murphy & Stanley

  4. It's so hard to be stern with our pups when they misbehave - at least it is if they're as cute as Hunter is. ;-)

    How blessed your friends are to have a friend like you.

  5. Oh that Hunter!!! I am very familiar with the works of Marty Bell. What a lovely gift!!!
    Have a wonderful day my friend!
    XO KRis

  6. He's playing Peek a Boo....come on mom, let's play!!!!

  7. I love your little guy. I have two of my own and a cat :) I'm sure you both enjoyed your walk together.

    I pray healing over your friends and that which they stand in need of. It is always a blessing to be able to be used by God to be a blessing!!

    Much love to you my friend.

  8. Who would think our pets could be such a joy? We don't have any canines or felines at present, but we had many when the children were growing up ... horses, gerbils, fish & a lizard too. But dogs are my favorite, provided they aren't the barking sort.

  9. LOL- I am laughing at your mischievous little Hunter! What a personality he has! How wonderful of you to help your friends and I am anxious to see the painting they gave you- Blessings- xo Diana

  10. OMDeeee Hunter!!! You is way too cute! What's behind the curtain, I wonders...


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