Monday, August 20, 2012

Is It Fall Already?

Good morning to you; I hope you don't hit me because of my title!  We have been seeing some small signs of the season changing-you know a tinge of color, an awareness of the approaching cooler days. I love fall but I generally love all the seasons; however this weekend hubby and I were out walking Hunter and I turned to him and asked "do you smell that?", to which he promptly told me to hush.  I could smell something that reminded me of the fall.  Because we both love the summer and the warm weather, he is not at all anxious for it to be over, especially because the Almanac is saying we are going to have a wet winter.  Hubby is bothered by arthritis and the cold really bothers him.  This morning it was darn cool outside when I left for church.  I wonder how much longer I'll be living in shorts or capris? I am not quite ready to post photos of the change in color; I think I'll enjoy each and every minute of summer that is left.
I'm wondering, as bloggers, if you get to spend time on the computer-do you find new blogs that you follow. I found a couple of new ones this weekend and am excited to see what decorating ideas I come away with.  I follow a variety of blogs; decorating-which encompasses everything from prim to country to french country, christian, dog, quilting, gluten free and some misc. ones.  I can't say my blog is about any one thing other than embracing every moment of life and having a grateful heart.  So what about you,do you follow one specific genre or just follow those who spark your interest?  I have found though, over the years, if I follow one for several years and leave people comments and they never respond(after years) then I am likely to weed them out when I need to trim back my reader list. I totally understand when you have so many readers that it is difficult to stay on top of responding to folks, but really after years of following and leaving comments, you can't just leave a quick hi and thank you. I have always appreciated Ann of Holy Experience because she has a very sweet automated response saying how much she appreciates your time in leaving her a comment.  It is very touching.
Well my peeps, I hope you have a day filled with song and gladness.
Blessings, Noreen  


  1. Yes ... though it's been lovely, warm & clear (perfect summer weather), I can smell something in the air that tells me Fall is attempting to intrude. The slant of the sun, too. I love changing seasons, though; and Fall is perhaps my favorite season of all.

    As for meeting new bloggers, I am grossly remiss these days. I feel bad that I often don't have time to visit people I've come to cherish. But I do love new acquaintances, and look forward to the Winter to come for fireside meanders.


  2. Just a little more summer.....that's all we ask! And I'm the same way....I just weeded out some blogs on my reader list, too. When it gets over 200, I just can't justify that much time on the computer. So out they go!

  3. One of the joys of blogging is the community ... and if there's no interaction, then we're missing out on so much. :-( I periodically go through the list of blogs I follow and weed out those who haven't responded to my comments ... I don't need a response to every. single. comment, but every once in a while it would be nice to continue the "conversation". Which is why I'm disappointed by those bloggers who are set up as "no reply" ... I am unable to respond to their comments ... I appreciate their comments, but I really would like to continue the "conversation".

    I am so looking forward to fall. With my Raynaud's, I don't tolerate cold very well ... but I'm definitely ready for fall.

  4. Good morning Noreen! Well I definitely don't want to hit you, haha, but I can tell you there is NO sign of Fall over here...still REALLY hot, been muggy recently too, and my flowers are looking hot and scraggly. I can't wait for even the slightest hint of a change. Enjoy yours!! As for my is soo hard recently to just stay on top of my fav's. Most of the ones I follow closely are Christian, or women who are grandma's like me, but some are those with good decorating or craft ideas. I know what you mean about weeding out though. I only have two blogs that I read that I never comment on as I am just attached and want to follow along. But the ones where I commented for a long, long time and never got much of anything back, I eliminated. Felt the way you do I think. The ones I do comment on have become friends so to speak, and there is only so much (computer) time in a day. Why spend time commenting to someone who never has anything to give in return? Does that sound bad? haha Not meant to. Hope you enjoy your "hint of Fall" day! HUGS

  5. I've not seen any hint of fall in Phoenix. It is still in the triple digits! But we usually see changes at the end of October. And then I love our winter.

    I have my favorite blogs and try to keep up as best I can in reading them. At times, life gets so busy with work and home and family. So there are lapses. I've discovered a few new blogs through Pinterest.

    Blessings and love,

  6. That "something" is in the air here, too...can't put my finger on what that "something" is....but, it's there!!

  7. Good morning Noreen. I share your feelings regarding bloggers. I have had some blogs that I have followed for a long time, with never a response back or a hello. I am going to need to do a cleaning soon on my list. I need to decide who omit. It is hard.
    Have a great day...and enjoy those subtle changes in your weather!
    XO Kris

  8. Happy Monday Noreen!!! Hope it's a great one for you. I'm off work today and have so much to try and accomplish. Loved yesterday's photos.

  9. Good post- I don't follow any particular genre - I follow people that follow me and weed out those that I do not give me a warm feeling in some way. I quit following some of the big blogs because they got TOO impersonal and it became all about making money...and I hate the pop ups that happen over and over again as I try to read their blog. Just my personal opinion. I also have dropped blogs that I have NEVER had a response from...even when I had a question regarding something in their blog. Life is too short to feel frustrated with visiting blogs- xo Diana

  10. Oh I look forward to seeing Fall in Colorado some year. Our severe drought is bringing dead leaves down now. We are really unsure what we will see when it finally cools. I'm thinking your hubby needs a hot tub. My dad gets in his every morning to start his day...get him moving. (c: And there is a small isn't there. Joy to your week!

  11. I have never seen fall but my mom says it is great. She does not like winter but dad said Stanley and I will probably have fun. I guess we just have to enjoy the moment!

    As for the blog thing, mom says that she reads a bunch of them but if people don't respond to her she eventually drops them off.

    Your friends,

    Murphy & Stanley

  12. I am holding on to summer too..and also counting the days till the kids go back to school (yea for me!)..I try and comment on the blogs I follow..but am finding it harder and harder to keep up...once this starts to be work to me I will quit blogging all together.

  13. We dogs has PAWESOME noses, I smell the fall too!!

  14. I Noreen. Fall is my favorite season. It can't come soon enough. I just recently cleaned out some blogs from my reader. I try very hard to return comments, and respond to comments. It does get overwhelming at times when life gets busy. Hope you have a blessed tomorrow!

  15. Yes, fall is around the corner! Do you have your trip planned yet?


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