Tuesday, August 14, 2012


Our two grandsons have grown up going to the golf course with their dad and their Papa; it was no surprise that sil called my hubby last week about playing golf on the weekend. Since hubby works at the local club, he took everyone out on Sat. They all had so much fun.
The oldest setting up; hubby told me he had some long drives-way to go J.

Mr. B, now 9, has really good form as well.

The three sum. The boys loved driving the golf carts and are already asking when they can go out again. It is fun to see all four guys enjoy a sport together.
Hope you have an awesome Tuesday; I'm taking Hunter walking and then he will go to the groomers. Now I know why we don't schedule his cuts every 7 weeks, he has many mats and I don't think the groomer is going to be pleased with him/me.  From now on it will be six weeks; I have found that he doesn't enjoy brushing as much as when we first got him, probably because I am actively trying to detangle his hair-I just hope he doesn't give the groomer the problems he gives me.
Until tomorrow~Noreen & Hunter


  1. How fun for the guys to golf together. I love the green on the golf course.

  2. How fun for the guys to golf together. I love the green on the golf course.

  3. My MOM loves to golf as well. But she has not even gottten out yet his year, t busy I guess. Fine by me however, they don't allow me out on the course. I think I would be a big help, retieveing wayward balls.

  4. What a great sport golf is!!! I need to get out and play too! The kids will fondly remember this with their Papa forever!!
    XO Kris

  5. What a great way for them to bond even closer by building these memories and lessons.
    Hope Hunter gets all his matts out. You both will feel better once it's done.
    Love & hugs
    p.s.-there is a cute little country blog and thought of you & how you would enjoy it--

  6. Aren't grandsons great! It's so much fun watching them learn something new and playing with them too.

  7. It's really wonderful to have a sport that the whole family can enjoy together. All of our kids ski and golf, so our visits are extra fun!

  8. How much fun is this! Great day!!!


  9. I know other families who all golf together, and they have the best time--Which as you well know is what it's all about!!

    Todd and Charlie are off to the groomers on Thursday--Todd hasn't been in 6 mos--I wonder what the groomer will say other than charge me more? :-)

  10. Don't you love seeing the kids involved in something so great for them? Much better than sitting in front of a video gaming system. What wonderful boys!! xo Diana

  11. That is so wonderful. How nice to have the boys learn to play from such an early age. Golf is fun!


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