Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Tuesday Nugget

"If you learn to trust Me-really trust Me-with your whole being, then nothing can separate you from My peace. Everything you endure can be put to good use by allowing it to train you in trusting Me.  This is how you foil the works of evil, growing in grace through the very adversity that was meant to harm you.  Joseph was a prime example of this divine reversal, declaring to his brothers: "You meant evil against me, but God meant it for good."    Do not fear what this day, or any day, may bring your way. Concentrate on trusting Me and on doing what needs to be done.  Relax in My sovereignty, remembering that I go before you, as well as with you, into each day. Fear no evil, for I can bring good out of every situation you will ever encounter."
Sarah Young, Jesus Calling   May 7th.

I love this reminder,especially with all that is going on in our world and in our lives.  There is nothing so big that He can not handle it or save us.  We must continually focus on eyes on Him.
Hugs, Noreen


  1. This is a great comfort for me today with an endoscopy on my agenda for tomorrow to "rule out cancer". I have been anxious about this, and here is just what I needed to hear... Don't you just love when God shows us His love!
    God bless.

  2. AMEN...so thankful I have a choice...somewhere to set my gaze other than the world. I really don't know how people cope without that peace. My world has been crazy so I don't know what I have missed...just checking in on today's post with every body. Hope your week is going well...abide with Him and peace out. :o)

  3. Trusting, really trusting, should be so easy ... yet our sinful nature fights with our spiritual nature. Thanks for the reminder of why trusting, really trusting, is worth the effort, the fight. Have a terrific Tuesday.

  4. Beautiful post and great reminder to keep our eyes focused on him and not the things of this world.
    God is still in control and is surprised by nothing!

  5. i didn't read my 'Jesus calling' today and i am so glad you posted that! i needed that WORD today my precious friend. thank you!

  6. Just what we needed, a reminder to Trust Him! Love it!!

  7. Thank you Noreen for a wonderful reminder-loved your post today!
    Trust-yes this should be so easy but how hard at times isn't it?! He is ever faithful and so good.
    Have a good day my friend.

  8. Wow..I'm so glad I stopped by today! This was such a blessing! What a golden nugget of faith and truth! Just feel like adding, "Mmmm, good!" Thanks! :)
    love and hugs,

  9. Thanks for sharing this beautiful devotion with us, Noreen! What a lesson we can learn if we abandon our own understanding and trust entirely in Him.

    Thanks for stopping by Life Lessons!You're welcome at my house anytime! Seriously, if you're ever in the Atlanta area, give me a heads-up and we'll get together! Aren't pets a special blessing? God is so good to use them to teach us! Have a beautiful week, friend! God bless!


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