Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Happy Tuesday to you. How is the weather in your neck of the woods?  We've been having unseasonably cool weather here which has limited my outdoor time.  I did go out Sunday and yesterday and get a few new plants~bleeding heart, lavender, hydranga, dianthus, tomato and some herbs.  I also got a few new things to feather our nest.  When I went out shopping yesterday, I really didn't plan on getting the things I did but when I saw them I knew they would be perfect for our house.  I'm not saying what I got, in the off chance that my hubby reads this; I want it to be a surprise.  Today my day is filled with errands and sewing plus having dinner at my oldest girls home.  The weather in the Sierras is bad right now and hubby might get home a day or two early, so there is a lot that still needs to get done.
I hope you are enjoying life wherever this finds you.  Blessings, Noreen


  1. It's been quite unseasonably cool here. Downright chilly to this cold-natured Nana.

    It sounds like you're going to have an absolutely wonderful day.

    I hope you share pictures of your new plants in the ground. ;-)

    Have a terrific Tuesday!

  2. Good Morning!

    We actually have rain this morning. The weather is just kind of weird. Never quite sure what the day might bring. Goodness knows we do need the rain, so guess this is good. Sounds like you did some interesting shopping yesterday. Mel & I and my dil got Mel registered yesterday, and she and I hit some fabric stores. I think we have firmly decided to use the fabrics that you are using in the quilt for her bedding and window valance. We are both excited. I found a place on line that carries it all, sent us samples of it so we could really look at it, and is less expensive than any of the stores around here that just carried a little bit of it. Soo excited to see the quilt. Hope all is well with you and you are feeling good. Have a wonderful day! HUGS

  3. Our temps have finally been pleasant. Nights are hovering around 32 degrees, but we are getting into the 50s and 60s during the day. I love it!
    I need to get outside and spray some dandylions today. Our lawn probably hasn't had 2-4D on it for quite some time, so the weeds are prolific.
    Have a great day, my dear......Denise

  4. Love you my friend and I thank you for your beautiful friendship and prayer support for us.

    Our weather has been down right chilly, damp and rainy. Spring...where is it? It feels more like Fall.

    I've been coming by and reading here a lot. You know how much I love the grand-kids. Your pictures and posts always make me smile no matter where I am at in my trials. You lift me up.


  5. I am so ready for some solid all day sun without clouds and sprinkles...
    Sounds like you have been busy. will be fun to hear what you got (o:

  6. We had some chilly days as well and I hated it! Today finally I can put shorts back on but I know the evenings and mornings are still quite chilly!

    Your plants sounds so pretty! I honestly can't tell you how wonderful it has been learning from my neighbor!! Almost makes me cry just thinking about it! When I am in my garden planting or watering or even picking weeds It is a time spent with the Lord and she has given that gift to me by showing me how and what to plant!! I know Noreen, if you were my neighbor you would be the very same way! You are such a gift to all of those around you my friend!!

  7. It has been rainy and cool, here, but it is due to change.
    I love the list of flowers you named and purchased, some of my favorite plants especially the hydrangeas, they and lavender have become my plants this year. so dear friend enjoy those goodies of yours and please share their progress.
    I always enjoy reading of your days.

  8. We broke a record this morning!! It was 43 degrees very cold for us!! Last week we were having 90 degrees days and 60 degrees in the morning.... The last 3 days it has been 40 something mornings and 70 degrees days. It is going to warm up by the week-end tho to those 90 plus degrees days and our 60 plus nights.
    xx Fern


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