Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Happy Wednesday

Recently, our old desktop finally bit the dust-totally.  So for the last several weeks I have been using hubby's which is fine unless we both want to be on it at the same time.  We were talking about getting another desktop but I hate all the cords and mess around the tower etc. so I finally talked hubby into another laptop. I did some research(yes, I'm one of those-lol)and then we went to our local Be*st Bu* store to check them out.  Our clerk wasn't as helpful as I had hoped and I came away a bit confused about which brand to buy.  At first we were focused on Dell and Lenovo; it also became really clear that this was not going to be as inexpensive as I first thought.  Laptops don't come with programs already on them like our old Gateway did, you have to buy them separately-bummer.  Since reviewing all the laptops, I think Toshiba and Asus are coming up as the ones that might meet our needs.  But then we do need a new WIFI modem and Works program so this is not going to be a really cheap shopping trip.  How about you-do you use a desktop or laptop?  I'm excited about the possibility of having another laptop, I can move it around with me and take it on trips.  So what is your favorite brand?  What would you do without on your current computer and what do you wish you had gotten? 
I hope our weather stays nice today and I hope the cough I've had will just disappear-I'm ready for spring weather, spring energy, flowers and flipflops.

Big hugs to you today.  Noreen


  1. I have a mimi mac desk top. I really like it. No tower...just a little box. There are still lots of cords.
    How about an ipad? I know nothing so I guess i should not blab about it (o:

  2. Good morning! I have a lap top that I take with me just everywhere. I love it. I don't have any idea why we bought what we did, or how it is better or worse or much of anything at all when it comes to these things. It is all my hubby's decisions on this, haha. I am lucky I can work it. He has his own lap top from work so we have eliminated cords, and giant boxes and the need to be sitting at a desk. We are funny sometimes as we both sit in our recliners typing and reading away and occasionally reading aloud to each other. Hope your cough is better soon. The weather here is nice, but got a little warm for my taste. Maybe it was because I was in the back room sewing. I need a ceiling fan in there. Have a wonderful day Noreen! Love you!

  3. We both has laptops. Both from Dell. I don't think that either came with much preloaded software, but that's ok with me. 99% of that software are programs that I don't want/won't use. We have the disks for what we really need (MS Office 2003, a really old version of Quicken, Norton's, etc.) and downloaded from the internet anything else (a few games, Picaso, iTunes, Firefox, etc.). We ordered my laptop from Dell because I wanted an extra wide screen with the little number keypad (at the time, I was the church Treasurer and used Excel a LOT ... having the keypad really helped). My laptop wasn't cheap, but I'm thrilled with it. We take our laptops with when we travel, so it's handy having laptops. Plus I love that there's NO WIRES!

    Hope your cough disappears ... and that spring weather comes soon (we had frost this morning, so I'm ready for spring weather, too!).

  4. I love a lap top! I haven't had a desktop in years.

    I have owned two or three Dell lap tops. I always had a PC until this past year I purchased a MacPro Notebook (an Apple lap top).

    I love the MacPro, but I think my familiarity with PC's has left me with some user error where my Mac is concerned. :o) If you purchase an Apple lap top, you can walk into the store to receive help (versus chatting with someone in another country).

    I hope that helped. :o)


  5. I do use a laptop, currently a Toshiba (which I really like) but my favorite by far was a Sony. This summer all my protective software and extended warranty will expire. Rather than spending big bucks to protect it, I'll simply buy another laptop. This time I will not get a PC, but a Mac.

  6. We have a HP desktop and a acer laptop. Mainly use the desktop but it did go wrong after having it two months, repaired qickly under waranty (the disk drive packed up).

    Had no problems with the Laptop at all :-)

    Both have windows 7 and some of the old softwear does not work on it but got new versions of MS word & Adobe elements which are great.

  7. We are a lap top family! and dell is usually the computer of choice around here...however the girls are starting to break free with macs. Happy shopping!

  8. Hi! Noreen, Oh! these computers! When our desktop {DELL} crashed last year, and I was blessed with a borrowed one for almost a year, it was a laptop and I really did like it!but (Had to teturn it to its owner:( but.. a few weeks ago my hubby bought another desk top (LENOVO) and so I am back to loving a desk top again! really untill I started blogging, Other than work related I never really used it! But I now am so addicted to this blogging thing I can not live without It! desktop or the lap one!! LOL!!Have a wonderful Thursday:)


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