Monday, May 23, 2011

Happy Monday

Although I planned to sit down first thing this morning and post, my youngest daughter called and asked if I'd come over to walk with her and the girls-so go I did.  We had a nice walk as the morning was absolutely beautiful and warm.  When we got back my girl and I played a couple of games of Ladderball; she has just purchased the game and her hubby was beating her so she needed practice.  We each won one game.  I headed home and hubby had gotten home from golf so we began working on some projects-mainly making new banisters for our stairs.  When we moved in almost two years ago, we painted the entire inside of the house and took the banisters off so he could redo them.  You know how some projects get put aside and not finished-well that was the case and since my brother and sister of my heart are coming this weekend we wanted them back up.  Hubby did a spectacular job and they now match our hard wood flooring.  After that hubby planted a new "Autumn Blaze" maple we got yesterday; we've wanted one for a couple of years and had planned on going to a really nice nursery where the prices are high but the trees are beautiful but when we spotted one that was tall and nicely shaped for several hundred dollars less, we couldn't pass it up. I would probably have about 6 more trees in the yard if he'd let me.  I'm going to be sewing this afternoon as we are expecting thunder and rain, plus I get the wonderful privilege of going in for my annual mammo. 
We should have two-three days of rain but the weekend is supposed to be warm and spring like-finally!
Hugs to you today.


  1. That sounds like a nicely balanced day with both fun and work, including your new tree planted. I posted a poem about trees today on my blog; I do love trees.

  2. Hey friend...We have an Autumn Blaze is gorgeous, you are going to love it. We have now planted 17 trees on our 1/2 acre lot. My hubby says NO MORE TREES OR BUSHES. That is so hard. I found a really cool willow bush that is light green with pink on the new growth part. hmmm, I might have to work on him. I'm thankful that so far all the tornados have been northwest and south of us...just rain here.

  3. Life's simple pleasures are, by far, the most satisfying! Enjoy this good day, and week. I'll be hoping for sun too!


  4. A most productive day for you Noreen - Ladderball - never heard of it - will have to look it up on the net! Sounds fun.

  5. Enjoy your time with special ones!!!

  6. sounds like you had a great day! i think that i am finally going to breath easy now. it has been such a stressful month or so but God is so good!

    love you so Noreen - really I do!

  7. Girlfriend,

    Where are the photos? Want to see what you have done in the the house and the tree...

    Love you a ton. Wish I was sitting there with you with needle in hand. Have a warm day. Hugs.


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