Thursday, May 26, 2011

Happy Thankful Thursday friends,  Laurie is our hostess this week and you can visit her at
Today there is much to thank the Lord for~our health, our country, our freedom, our valiant warriors who sacrifice so much to protect us and God's grace that cover all our sins.
I am thankful for morning walks with friends and family, for gardening with my hunk of burning love(sorry I just couldn't resist this and don't know why Elvis's song popped into my mind), for a small town where so many know each other, for the hope of clicking with a new internist-one that is geared more holistically.
I am also thankful for the new comforter set I got last week while hubby was away and the fact that he really likes it. I am thankful for lace curtains in our room because somehow it really feels like home now; you see I've always had window valances and also lace curtains in our home but when we moved into this nest there were already Roman Shades and I didn't feel like we could replace them so I didn't.  Now that we have lace and the shades it looks more like me.    I am so blessed and so grateful to the Lord for all He has given me.

Well, I had a photo of our room and then it disappeared so I'll have to reload later but for now I'm going to get ready for my doctor's appt.  Until tomorrow dear ones, may His hand gently lead and guide you.
Blessings, Noreen


  1. Hello! Your thankful list sounds wonderful. YAY for the new comforter set (I'd love to see so hopefully you'll fix that camera problem) and the lacy curtains. I LOVE lace curtains though I don't have any going right now. Praying all goes well at the docs and you click the way you are hoping to! Now I've got that Elvis song in my head, haha...Hope the rest of your day is wonderful. HUGS

  2. Hey Noreen!! Good to be able to sit and catch up on your blog! I also love the 'lightness' in a room, and have valances on all of my windows too--It just feels better, doesn't it?

    THANKS for your good thoughts about our 'upcoming arrival.' I thought about a Wheaten, but Charlie is a star that can't be eclipsed! :-) Plus I don't know anyone that has them...I also don't know how I decided on a Scottie, it really had to do with 'Lynn' having them and remembering a friend that had them a few years ago. I hope I'm up to their spirited personality and a puppy!

  3. Hi Noreen,
    So good to hear from you hon!
    I haven't been visiting around as much lately with everything going on.
    Liked your thankful list, so nice you got your lace curtains, aren't things like that such a thrill....I am sure the Lord will have lace curtains in your mansion in heaven someday!! lol

    and you would be right it is our
    dear friend Becky's grandaughter.
    She was almost a 9 pounder, glad for Sam she had a c-section, cause that is a big baby to deliver.

    Thanks so much for stopping in,
    made my heart sing to hear from ya girly.
    Blessings galore, Nellie

    Gotta go back and read some of your post and catch up some. lol

  4. Thankful Thursday is always so uplifting! Hope you have a wonderful Friday. I love NEW comforter sets, and wrapping up in them and getting some good sleep!

  5. What a nice thankful list. I love lace curtains.

    Hope you are able to find a good internist who is more holistic.

    Have a blessed weekend.


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