Friday, May 13, 2011

Happy Friday All,  I've got to share that I am very perplexed today because as I got onto blogger I fully expected to see my TT post from yesterday.  Hummm-it's not here and I'm not sure where it disappeared to.
I do know that yesterday morning blogger was having issues and I couldn't get on mid-day to visit you all. I am just so confused about this and not sure how it could have been taken off, if I didn't do it.  Oh well, guess I'll never know. 
I hope you all had a wonderful TT and are having a great Friday!  I've been busy today-out and about, hitting garage sales and then setting up for our own sale tomorrow.  I just kind of tag onto our daughter's garage sale but they do most of the work.  I also found out that we have robins building a nest in our back yard; so far there are only two beautiful blue eggs and hopefully the grackles won't bother them because they are equal in size.  My dear hubby is leaving tomorrow for an annual golf trip; miss him as I do I still find plenty to keep me busy.  How about you, what is your weekend promising?
Blessings, Noreen


  1. My Thankful Thursday post has gone AWOL, too. ??? But at least blogger is up ... hopefully the missing Thursday posts will show up one of these days?

    Hope you keep yourself busy while your hubby is away so you won't miss him too much. My weekend is still open right now ... I hope to get some hand quilting done.

    Have a wonderful weekend!

  2. blogger has been having troubles and I guess they had to remove some posts... a couple of mine are gone and I am no longer set to private. Hopefully they'll be able to restore them.

  3. OH! Yes~ this has been a little agravating! I"m not missing any posts, but on the little thing I opened up on my new post page said that some posts would be removed, but it would be posted again! now when I don't know! but anyway maybe they won't put us through this again!! Ha`Ha! Have a good wk~end! Hope you sell out!

  4. It was kind of weird to have blogger go funny on us as it has always been soo constant and reliable. At least for me. Oh well, it does seem to be better. A garage sale sounds good. I could bring over a few things too, haha. Hope your feeling better, and the time flys by with your hubby gone. Have a good week-end! HUGS

  5. Yes!
    Blogger was being so strange!
    If you need something to do....
    come and visit me (o:

  6. I think Blogger was hit with a Friday the Thirteenth curse.

  7. I know blogger was down all day yesterday, so that is probably what happened to the post. I think that happened to a lot of people.

    I hope you have a wonderful weekend, and your hubby has a great time on his golf trip. :)

  8. Hi Noreen! When blogger 'went down' I realized again what a creature of habit I am, because I've carved out time in my day to just sit, relax and read blogs--when that wasn't going to happen, I went to the next best thing to keep me busy--Facebook! :-)

    I hope you've had a good day and your weekend is enjoyable too!

  9. Hi Stranger,
    My Wednesday post was missing too but it just popped up missing the comments that were on it when Blogger went down!!
    Thousands of people lost at least one post some lost more!! Blogger has been a pain for weeks and weeks now.
    Maybe they will get it fixed soon!!!!!
    Thanks so much for your visit.
    xx, Bambi & Fern


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