Thursday, June 12, 2014

Thankful Thursday

Good Morning to you.  It is hard to believe it is Thursday already.  We are having rain and cloudy skies here today; cool temps that remind me of California fall days. There are so many things to be grateful  for today, I'm sure if you pause and think you'll find many things too. 
I am thankful that the door was closed yesterday to our building a house for our girl's family.  Now, we continue to look and wait for the house the Lord has for them.  I am thankful that it doesn't rest of my shoulders. 
I am thankful that our two oldest grandsons will be spending the night tonight with us-the first of many sleepovers here at Papa and Nana's. 
I am thankful that I happened to see a DVD next to the checkout at the grocery store yesterday. It was only $5.00 so I scooped it up-I knew it was an older movie because it had Christopher Reeve in it and also one of my favorite actresses-Jane Seymour.  The movie is "Somewhere in Time" and I give it 10 stars.  What a sweet love story, similar to the Lake House or the Love Letters from years ago. It says it was from 2000, but Jane Seymour looked so very young and those were the years we watched Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman-I think this was produced before 2000.  If you get Net Flicks or stream movies from Amazon and like the twist of time travel(with fantastic costumes and scenery)this movie is for you.
Today is pretty relaxed, we are going to look at three more houses. 
I hope you have a fantastic day.


  1. Gosh those movies/series are a blast form the past. Don't tell anyone but she has been watching little house on the prairie. Sad but true. Just got add in the waltons and will be all go. Have a tremendous Thursday.
    Best wishes Molly

  2. Hi Noreen,
    We just watched that movie about a month ago, and loved it, altho the
    ending made us sad at first, till
    it showed the final ending, that
    was great.
    So now.....when yall moved how far
    away is it from where you used to live?? and is your daughter and her family moving closer to yall??
    Nice you can have your grandsons
    over this weekend, I am sure they can hardly wait. Fun Times.

    Have a good time, and happy house hunting...........
    Blessings, Nellie

  3. Happy Thankful Thursday! I'm thankful today for sunny skies, swimming pools, my youngest boy and my 3 K's!! Blessings, Cindy

  4. Will need to look into that fun to have grands for a sleepover! Three of ours will visit on a Monday with our middle daughter. Fun!

  5. Will need to look into that fun to have grands for a sleepover! Three of ours will visit on a Monday with our middle daughter. Fun!

  6. Oh my goodness, I never saw that movie in it's entirety. I need to rent it!!! Thanks for the reminder
    XO Kris
    PS Hope your daughter finds the perfect home soon!

  7. Somewhere In Time is a favorite of a friend, and when our husbands went to Promise Keepers (this had to be 12-13 years ago - maybe more), we had a "girls night in" and Somewhere in Time was the movie we watched. So you all go together to look at houses?

  8. You know Noreen we never watch movies any more!!!
    Never!! We use to rent one every once in a while but all the rental places have gone
    now!! We don't want a monthly charge for movies so we just don't see any any more!!! We just be together and talk to each other!!! Nice!!
    Thanks for your visit!!

  9. We've been so thankful to have rain this past week! We needed it so desperately; it will go a long way to easing the drought!
    A sleepover with the grands sounds like a lot of fun!


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