Monday, June 23, 2014

Our Tea Party

Happy Monday Friends! I hope you had a wonderful summer weekend. We had such a great time with my brother and sister-of-my-heart. It was two days crammed full of activities and Saturday morning came too quickly. I understand that they had some other places to see while here, but seriously it was just too short of a visit. On Friday, our daughters hosted their quarterly tea party and it was such fun!!! Here are some of the photos from our time together.  The girls decided to have our tea and lunch outside, so this is what we saw when we got there.  Isn't it just wonderful!

I never had these types of gatherings when I was young; I think the only fancy party I went to was my sister's bridal shower.  I am thankful our granddaughters are learning, early in life, the art of hospitality.  I used to be overwhelmed with more than six people at a luncheon that I was hosting; now having 14 of us together is the norm. 
The adult table.  Plates were a mix of china-some of our girl's and some of our families, such as my sisters(she is deceased)and even my mom's china.
I love our girls creativity.
Tea sandwiches-most were gluten free. It looks like they are in the sun but they were moved after the photos.
Tea pots with flower arrangements.
My sister's Silver Tea Service; we didn't use it for hot tea, it was too warm a day. I love how she was honored.

All the girls pretending to be drinking tea. Most of the teacups were from my mother-in-law; when her estate was divided our granddaughters were given the teacups.
After lunch, all the tea cups had dessert put in them. 

We had such a delightful time and the girls even got new American Girl doll dresses and outfits from Ca.  My sil and brother are so very generous with our adult kids and our grands(us as well).  The love they share is incredible!
I've got to get a move on and take Hunter for a walk.  We are having friends over tonight for dinner and cards.  We are playing a new game called Euchre, we haven't played it before so hope we can figure it out.  I hope you have a fantastic day!
Joy to you~


  1. How nice! Bet that was lots of fun. The weather looked perfect!

  2. That's adorable and looks like they had a great time!

  3. Wonderful post and photos ! Oh looks like all had a great time . Nothing like cups of tea , sandwiches with the crust cut off and sweet trays with friends ! ! Thanks for sharing , Have a good day !

  4. That is so very sweet! What special memories!

  5. What a wonderful tea party this looks like! Loved every little thing about it. The picture of all the girls "pretending" to drink their tea is just precious. I'd frame it! Enjoy the rest of your week!

  6. It sounds and looks like a simply delightful tea party! I've hosted a couple but not for several years. I think this fall I will have to host one for all the girls in the family, let's see, that would be at least 12 :) Blessings, Cindy

  7. You always have so much fun!
    I wish I was there to play with Hunter.
    We are having blogger problems.. lots of people are.,.

  8. Wonderful idea. It's never too soon to learn hospitality and manners.

  9. I like the girls' dresses, the tea cups, and the canopy tent. Great idea.

  10. What a wonderful party for the girls!!! Just awesome! I used to play Euchre...YEARS ago...but I dont remember how now?? Hope you have fun!


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