Thursday, June 26, 2014

A New Buddy

It's Thankful Thursday, so I have another blessing to give thanks for. As you know, when we moved into our dream home, we have said it is our last home. I was so surprised when I met the couple across the street and found out they have a 4 yr old male Bichon name Odie. Hunter met him shortly after we moved in and since then we have gotten together to go on a couple of short walks and had two play times. Odie is so cute and they both have similar personalities. He has a much tighter curl or hair compared to Hunter's, but their faces are very similar looking.

This morning after our walk together, Odie and his mom came over so the dogs could run around in our back yard. Odie has never had any beef bones and he smelled Hunter's-Hunter was willing to share and Odie loved it. I even sent them home with one(Hunter has many around the house). I think Pat will be checking the frozen food isle of our grocery store and getting some for him. I remarked that it is so good for their teeth and helps prevent tarter; you have to be careful you don't get ones that will splinter or break off. When hubby and I were kids, we never had our dogs have their teeth cleaned, because they always had bones and never had tarter. I've got to get ready for my girlfriends; we should have a fun lunch catching up. Just wish I could get together for lunch with many of you. Hope you have a fabulous Thursday! Blessings,
Noreen & Hunter


  1. Your new friend sounds very charming
    Lily & Edward

  2. Sounds like both you and Hunter have new friends! :)

  3. CUTE! new buddy. Sugar likes to chew on bones too but we do brush her teeth (since she was a young pup). Next time, will have lunch :-) Golden Woofs

  4. This is awesome for Hunter!!! Welcome Odie!! So glad to hear you have a bichon for a neighbor!!

  5. How fun for Hunter to have a friend so close by!

  6. Hunter and long pals now! How sweet they look together in that chair! Hope you had fun with your friends at lunch!

  7. Hunter and Odie are sweet!!!
    You have a fabulous lunch...
    Buen provecho!!

  8. Good neighbors are such a blessing, and I love it that Hunter has a new neighbor friend, too! I am looking forward to catching up with blogs this summer, and it was such a joy to visit yours!

  9. Another sign that you have the perfect place. Lovely photograph of the two friends.

  10. I am so happy that Hunter has a new friend!


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