Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Some Guy Time

Happy Tuesday to you.  I wanted to share what our guys did while the girls had their Tea Party.  In the past,  we girls have such fun-but somehow my brother was always left out.  Well not totally, because we've always had family time.  This trip however, while we girls were having tea and lunch my brother took all the guys out to lunch and then they hit Toys-*-Us.  Now, our grandsons are really into Lego's(even at 13 and 11); they have thousands and even have a blog dedicated to all that they make.  My brother opened his heart and his wallet to them and said they could pick out a couple of things.  He gave them a dollar amount(a very generous dollar amount)that they could each spend. Talk about kids in a toy store-oh my.  I wish hubby had sent me his pics so I could post them here-maybe I'll post them another day.  Not only did the big boys get toys, but our "little man"-age 21 mos. got a trike, a lawnmover and a small lego set.  To say that all three were thrilled is an understatement, because my brother was as thrilled as they were to give to them.  Our grands are the closest to grandchildren he'll ever have; they have done their best to nurture the relationships so that our grands have extended family they are close to.  Truly, it made it such a special time and memories were made for the future.  Life is short and I love how engaged my brother and sister of my heart are with our family.  When our girls were young, Sue would take them out shopping every couple of months.  They would spend the night with my Rich and Sue and truly felt pampered.  My brother wasn't involved in the shopping, so missed out on boy time.  He got his fill this time and I'm so very thankful. I am thankful for such generous people we have as family-he is the best brother a gal could have and Sue is so much more than a sister-she is a best friend too.  I was disappointed they only stayed two days, but we are hoping that they might find a little condo somewhere in our vicinity that would enable them to visit more often.  We'll see.
I hope your week is starting off well.  Ours is! We had friends for dinner and cards last night, it was lots of fun to catch up.  The rest of the week is packed and next week our dear friends from Ca. arrive for five days.  I simply can't wait!!!!


  1. How nice to have a great relationship with extended family. With everyone so far apart these days it isn't easy to do! It is so nice to see a close family!

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

  2. We love to hear about the wonderful time and new memories you made!

  3. It's terrific how close your family is Noreen! Wonderful to hear all about your good times. Have fun!


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