Monday, June 16, 2014

Faithful Friends

Happy Monday Friends! I hope you had a wonderful weekend and spent some time with your favorite Father. We celebrated on Friday night and it was such fun, which included our Carrie attacking her dad with a can of whipped cream. My hubby has always been such a good sport and they ran around Kim's back yard; I stayed inside(didn't want to get covered)and laughed. Our weekend was filled with chores and a bike ride; I was sore last night from the ride-we just haven't been doing enough of it lately. I'm hoping to change that this week. Yesterday, our youngest girl's family left for a four day vacation, so we have Petrol here with us. Hunter is over the moon to have his buddy here. I will say that Petrol, after playing bitey-facce with Hunter, began to smell like a dog and since she slept between hubby and I last night, I decided to give her a bath this morning. It is so easy bathing small dogs and one that doesn't need to get blow dried. Speaking of this morning, I was all set to take Hunter over to Kam's to walk with Lexie, since they will be gone for two weeks(my bff is going to Europe for two weeks). Petrol wanted to go and I knew it wasn't a good idea, so told her she had to stay home. Hunter wouldn't leave her, he sat down next to her and wouldn't budge. So he stayed home too; I know he was happier being with her. I will take them both for a walk later on. I thought it was so sweet though that he wouldn't leave her behind. Here is Petrol still a bit damp from her bath.

They are so cute together; believe it or not, Petrol is so much smaller than Hunter.  Hunter loves how much she will play!  I even used some new conditioning spray on Hunter-it helps keep him clean and detangles any mats.  I plan on applying it as soon as he gets groomed next time. 
Well, I'm working on laundry and also on my quilt, before I head to the pool with Carrie and her kiddos. 
I hope your day goes by quickly and is filled with smiles.
Noreen, Hunter and Petrol


  1. Oh my they sure make a cute pair and that was so sweet that Hunter did not want to leave Petrol. Have a marvellous Monday.
    Best wishes Molly

  2. Enjoy your beautiful day! All of your family dogs are adorable! Blessings, Cindy

  3. Hunter and Petrol look so cute together! Hope the conditioner works well!

    I love how Hunter decided to stay with his buddy! Mmhave a great day Noreen!

  4. You guys are adorable together
    Lily & Edward

  5. They are so lovely sitting there together.

  6. Love those two pups and the interaction between them! They are so cute. Hope you had fun at the pool with the kiddos- xo Diana

  7. The two of them together is tooo
    I can just imagine the two of them in the tub together.

  8. They are so precious together. Sounds like your days are filled with happy moments.

  9. Those two pups are so adorable ... so glad that the two of them are such good buds.


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