Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Oh The Weather!

Greetings from beautiful Colorado! Looking at these photos makes me realize just how much I love the mountains!

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Saturday morning dawned clear and sunny; it looked to be the perfect day! We had a leisurely morning and a walk around the campground, scouting out future campsites. After lunch, hubby and I ran into town to get new air mattresses because ours had a leak and it was just like sleeping on the ground. I know I probably sound whiny, but when you have a hubby who has a bad back and neck problems you need something comfortable to sleep on. We also stopped at my favorite Quilt store to browse-I didn't buy a thing. Later our girl and her gang got back from their excursions and we began dinner. Right during dinner it started to rain; we weren't that overly concerned. Along with the rain came the thunder and lightning. The rain was coming down hard and all of the sudden our screen room starts to lift and it appears it could either collapse or fly away.  The rain was really coming down, all the kids were on top of the picnic table along with their Nana and our daughter.  The screen room was quickly flooding and so our girl and her hubby let us know that her kiddos wouldn't sleep with all the thunder, plus the rain was really flooding the campsites.  A decision was made to pack up our tents and everything and head back down the mountain.  As I tried to entertain the littles, with several crying and scared, the guys and our girl literally packed up two tents and a screen room.  It took just about an hour.  We were in the car and headed down to the flat lands; all the little ones fell asleep.  We actually took the alternate route as their was a car accident on the main route down and it was closed. The main road down, Highway 34, was the sight of the Big Thompson flood-I believe in 1962. It was a flash flood and people didn't have the time to get to higher ground, so many perished. This explains the sign that says "in case of flooding, move to higher ground". This saying is often broadcast with weather advisories here.  Let's just say that for one night and a half of day, it was a lot of work to go on this trip; we have it pretty easy because there is just the two of us. Our kids have it much worse due to have larger families, but many hands make the job lighter.  I have discovered that being a senior makes tent camping a bit difficult-I told them all the next trip we will rent a tent trailer so we have someplace to gather in the event of rain.
In all, it was a fun experience with lots of laughter.  Hubby's back is still sore from all the tent moving on Friday. When you live in Colorado, you must expect the weather to change on a regular basis.  More storms are headed this way the rest of the week.
We have to say, it is the prettiest campground we've seen since we've moved to Colorado.
We are back to our normal schedule this week; went on a 13 mile ride yesterday but today will only do about 8 miles. 
Have a great day!
Noreen & Hunter


  1. Wow....what an adventure!!!! I LOVE to hear thunder in the mountains!!! But little ones...not so much!!!
    Fun stuff Noreen!!
    xo Kris
    PS WHAT? You went into a quilt shop and came out empty handed??? That never happens to me!!!

  2. Beautiful Noreen! looks like you are making wonderful memories.. :)

  3. Hi Noreen, Looks like your all having a wonderful time. We may not get to camp this year as we sold our camper. So we may have to wait till next year. We got a ton of rain the other night. Praying to the Lord for this drought to stop. Have a wonderful week.
    Blessings, Roxy

  4. Wow!! Do I remember those mountains thunder storms!! Glad all is safe!! Great memories to be made!!


  5. I think with all the rain and storms...you made the right decision to head home. It is beautiful there! Hugs, Jeanne, Chloe and LadyBug

  6. A few years ago, I read a book about that flash flood. It must have been so sad and frightening.
    I am sorry your camping experience did not go as planned. I am sure the little ones were so disappointed.

    My husband just mentioned to me again this morning, how he can't wait to visit CO again. We both love that state! Your pictures reminded me again of it's beauty.


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