Monday, July 8, 2013

Happy Monday

Good Morning Friends~ I hope you had a spectacular weekend and that your day has started off with joy, if not joy than maybe just a great attitude. This morning Kam and I went on a 12 mile bike ride; we are trying to push it a bit more each day but I'm not sure that once we start riding the 13 mile path daily what we will do to increase it, as it ends there. This little cabin is tucked behind the other old building I shared last week. I'm amazed these structures are still standing. I can tell you that my legs let me know we rode 20 miles on Saturday; I judge my strength by the difficulty in getting up a couple of hills. I can feel the progress but want to be able to take those hills without being so winded and tired afterwards. When we got home we took the two pups for a walk; it had already gotten hot. I'm thankful that I don't have to see anyone after our rides and walk because I really need to jump in a cold shower.

This is the second time we've seen a snake on the path. I didn't see this guy but Kam doesn't like snakes and she let me know. I stopped and got close enough for this photo; although he looks like a Rattle snake, I believe he is a Bull snake because he wasn't warning me away with rattles. I didn't get close enough for him to strike; I don't mind snakes but I'm really not that stupid. This guy wasn't a baby and I would venture to say he was probably between four feet and five.  Since we are riding at a pretty good pace, I don't carry my camera but it is making me think about our old camera that is small and might be manageable. 
I do appreciate their killing rodents-which I really dislike.  If you give a snake enough room, he will avoid interaction with a human. 
I finish quilting the baby quilt and hope to make the binding today.  I will post photos of the quilt when it is finished. 
Here is a question on a random topic-for those of you who travel a lot, do you have a Visa that you get miles from your purchases?  I am taking a survey on which credit card is the best; we used to have a United Airlines visa but closed it-my big mistake because the card we used to have is no longer offered. . Now we have Alaskan Air and their benefits aren't near as good as we used to have.  I got a Capital One Venture card flyer and it looks pretty good-just don't know how well it works for any airline.  If you have one like this, let me know as I'd be interested in your experience.
Blessings on your day!
Noreen & Hunter


  1. Hi Noreen... love that old cabin!... always so much fun to happen upon a really old structure, and so much fun to photograph... I like snakes too... I love all of God's creatures... we don't travel much anymore... a trip to Farmers Market every week during Summer is where I venture!... xoxo Julie Marie

  2. That old cabin in neat..but I am DEFINITELY not fond of snakes. I don't think I'd be taking pics from any distance, haha. Can't help you on the card dilemma. Anxious to see the completed quilt. Hope your having a good day!

  3. You are an inspiration with your bike riding! I washed the car this a.m. before it got too hot. Take it easy this afternoon.

  4. Oh,I am so not into snakes, but it looks like a rattler to me. I am so glad that you are doing so well on your riding. You will get stronger as the summer moves on.
    The only flying I do is by the seat of my pants, so I can't help you there! Have a good evening!

  5. Hi Noreen, I am very impressed with your going 12 miles in your bike riding. I dis-like snakes very much!!
    I will be doing a post on what happen here during this week-end having to do with a Rattler.
    Blessings, Roxy

  6. Ewwww, a snake!!! I would be scared! Glad you had a good ride!!
    xo Kris

  7. I love the cabin - but not the snake! Sounds like you had a great time. You're certainly more ambitious than I am!

  8. I think its sooo good that you ride your bike and see such beautiful places

  9. Oh, I'm so anxious to see that quilt!

    I'm with Kam on the snakes!! Ewwww

    We travel a lot but do not fly, so mileage-award cards are not a concern to us. We do have a Discover Card that earns cash back (I love that allows me to apply my purchases directly to my cash-back award).

  10. Hi Noreen,

    We have snakes here and that one looks just like the one I almost stepped on while walking the dogs in my gated 55+ community.

    This was right next to my neighbors lawn. It was 2-3 feet long and I didn't see or hear any rattles.

    Thank goodness the dogs were pulling one the leash in the other direction and were not aware.

    There have been rattlesnakes on the golf course so I am always weary of them coming into the backyard.

    Thanks for visiting me today :)

    xo Bunny Jean


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