Friday, July 12, 2013

As Promised

Happy Friday to you! This is for all the blogs out there that have boys in the family or grandsons. I am not a plane geek or anything, but having these planes going right overhead, so close you think you can see the pilot, was so very cool. I knew my grandsons would love seeing this, so I think there might be some others that enjoy it too.
I hope you have an incredible weekend, filled with adventure.
Hugs, Noreen & Hunter


  1. Yep that is a cool pic. We get to see those kinds of big planes fly over too.

  2. Fantastic photo! I'm not a plane geek, but there is something fascinating about a plane flying overhead so close. Back before 911, there used to be a parking lot just west of Lambert in St. Louis where you could sit while the planes coming in for a landing flew right overhead - so close that you could almost see the pilot. ;-) I remember frequently taking DD there on a Sunday evening in the summer ... we'd take a snack and sit out and watch the planes land.

  3. I have a pilot son- he would be thrilled! xo Diana

  4. Such a cool pic. For the first 7 years of our marriage we lived right behind a small airport. We used to sit on the fence and watch the little planes come and go. Joe and John both loved it! Something about boys and planes. Enjoy your week-end Noreen!

  5. Hi there sweet Noreen!!! How is Hunter?? I don't have any big planes fly over head very often and I don't have a Grandson!!!
    WE had a very sweet loving day yesterday!!! We had a candle lite dinner and a loving evening!!!
    We are hoping for another at least 20 years if not 30 together.

  6. Love it - though I'm far from being a boy! :)

  7. I love them too! Every year we love it when the planes "practice" carrying water and flame retardant into the nearby National Forest. They pass right over us and I am thrilled every single time. Have a great weekend.

  8. What fun! It is a tiny bit amusing - our rural road is having problems with DIA planes going west coming too low over us, resulting in lots of noise so we are having neighborhood meetings to try to change the situation!

    I think that just a few fun flyovers would be awesome, like yours!

  9. So you live where you get to see and hear those all the time?! It is possible that I may not Love that Boys would!! In fact, my oldest would probably be best known for the kid who tore one apart (just because) if he lived too close :)

  10. Seeing your photo was like standing right there!! Brought back memories of seeing the planes there!!


  11. Yes it is quite something! We sometimes have planes doing the same thing but I never have my camera handy! I'm glad that you did!! Joan

  12. WE live under the runway to Hill Air Force Base. It is an amazing sight, isn't it. My Vickie got to fly in the C130's and the huey helicopters when she did search and rescue. (before my time)
    it always amazed her they could get off the ground.
    have a great Sunday

  13. It is a good photo!

    Noreen, I hope you are doing well, and your weekend has been a fun and enjoyable one and all is well!

  14. Cindy, We do not live near this Air Force base but were in Wyoming for the day-hubby was playing golf. I would not like planes going over my house either but it was fun to see them from the golf course.

  15. Great shot! The planes are so far above us I could never get anything as wonderful as this!!

    We need the rain and we NEED the hay. Second cutting is always the one we really have to worry about. Here is magic thoughts for perfect haying weather for you!!!

  16. Oh my, I have had to go to all the air shows for my 14 year old son, he flew a glider in the air cadets, yes, he loves planes..LOL xx0xx

    Mollie and Alfie


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