Monday, February 6, 2012

On A Snowy Day

Since we've never lived in an area with snow before, I'm not sure if their is an over abundance of bird activity or not but this year we've seen so many Robins just hanging around-playing tag and just sitting in the trees. It is so refreshing on a gloomy day to watch so many birds. 
Over the weekend, hubby said come look at the squirrel in the Aspen.  I couldn't believe how high this guy was and of course I kept watching and watching.
I'm not sure what the draw was but he seemed to be having a wonderful time, on the smallest of limbs. At one point, I was sure he was going to plummet to the ground but he didn't.  At least the snow doesn't stop him from having some fun. Of course, later I went out and threw a few nuts out for him that were left from our Christmas dish.  I love almonds, walnuts and pecans but not many others; I figure he won't mind shelling them.
Enjoy your area.  Noreen


  1. This has been a crazy winter. Too much warm for us!!! It has the plants and animals all confessed!!! Poor babies!!!

  2. Hey snow or ice or cold. Today our doors are open here in Oklahoma. So strange.

    Just have to tell you I have the shirt you have on in the picture titled MY MAN!



  3. We too are having mild weather here when we should be having snow! I long for at least one big snow before spring comes. Yours is so beautiful.

  4. Wow! Such an amazing winter wonderland. No matter what season, there is always one creature that celebrates. :)
    Sending lotsaluv to you, Reggie and the rest of the family.

  5. You have snow and we have it warm. Yesterday it got up to 75 degrees!!!
    No wonder the plants and animals don't know what to do!!
    xx, Zoie & Fern

  6. You've never lived were there was snow before? Most people move away fron snow, not to it!!
    I would guess you had a very good reason for your move.

  7. We have had more robins than I remember...not sure what is up with that. That picture reminds me of a cat we had years ago that went way.... up in a poplar.. it would not come down. No wonder there are stories of fire trucks getting cats down. It was up there a whole day and night ... then it was raining... we were trying to get it down ( the branches were not made for people climbing. Hubby finally got up a little ways and coaxed it down. The squirrel I would not worry about after seeing ours jump from nothing to nothing (o:

  8. Beautiful photos!... I am such a Nature lover, and especially love the cutie squirrel!... xoxo Julie Marie


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