Thursday, February 16, 2012

A Good Flick

On Tuesday, hubby and I went to our Tuesday matinee  and since it was Valentine's Day we saw The Vow.  I don't know whether you've heard the story or not, but it is a true story of a married couple who are in an auto accident and the wife suffers a brain injury and loses her memory.  It was an entertaining film and although the ending was not what was expected, there was a post script that gave the true ending.  Even though it was a "chick flick", hubby enjoyed it.  If you are looking for a date movie, try this one.
Have a great Thursday my friends,  Noreen


  1. Thanks for the recommendation. We don't go to the movies (between the cost of the tickets and hubby's poor hearing), but I do have this on our rental queue for when it comes out on DVD.

    Hope you're having a spectacular time in northern California!

  2. Thanks for the tip!
    Going out Friday and this sounds great.
    And thanks for the heads up about the ending.

  3. Been seing the "trailers" on this one and thought it might be something to check out...had no idea it was based on a true story

  4. Glad you got to go see that...
    I want to ... but will probably wait until it is on video (o:
    I have lots of movies I want to see.
    Hubby is sick so we have stayed close to home...
    I cooked a Valentines dinner..but he was not in the best of 'moods'. To sicky! Oh well...our anniversary weekend is here, and he is on meds. so hope he will start smiling again.

  5. I do NOT like the new system of proving I am not a robot. There are way too many letters that are hard to read...took me 3 tries last time. Yikes!!

  6. I have seen the commercials for this movie. Thanks for the review. Sounds like a great movie to see with my husband, when I get home from Texas!

    Thanks Noreen! :)

  7. A friend of mine and I are looking for a movie to see, so I'll put this on our list!! I hope you have a safe trip, and what a nice gift of Caryl's book!!! :-)

  8. We went to see it too and it's a very good movie....very touching but such a hard thing to have to live through...

  9. We want to see it. Now you've got me curious about the ending :)


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