Monday, February 6, 2012

Happy Monday to you.  How was your weekend?  Ours was pretty kick back, on Saturday we ran errands and stopped by both our kids homes, worked on a puzzle and I worked on quilting as well.  Yesterday of course, was big game day; neither team was one of ours so we didn't necessarily have a favorite, well hubby was going for New England and I was routing for the Giants because I think Eli is a really nice guy.  The game was good and we loved seeing the new commercials but I sure could have done without Madonna.  Some of the ads were just plain weird.  Watching the game on a big screen makes it seem like you're there and so we enjoyed it.
Not too much on the agenda today, walking is a must though after indulging in chips and layered dip last night.
Have a great day!


  1. Your week-end sounds a lot like ours! The game was a sad loss to bear, haha...Eli is a nice guy though too I think, but I still wanted the Pats. I am with you on the Madonna thought...goodness. Have a wonderful day Noreen! HUGS

  2. did you watch with your girls and their families?
    We took the two girls I had to denver and had a Birthday party and Super Bowel Party. Tracee and dave have access to a club room at the apartment complex. They have a Theater room there. Giant TV screen. I was the only adult that sat in the other room by the fireplace and! I also kept an eye on the kids running around.

  3. You have a great day too Noreen!

  4. Hi Noreen! I'm so happy you visited my blog & left a comment.
    I felt the same way about Madonna. At 53 yrs. old I think it's time for her to tone it down. : )
    Have a good week!


  5. My weekend was pretty laid back, too. I got some cutting done on my quilt ... I'm now ready to start sewing my sub-cuts into pieced blocks. I'm thankful that I wasn't all that interested in the game and missed Madonna. I found a website that has videos of all the commercials, so I'll spend some time over the next couple of days watching the ones I didn't see last night. Hope you had a marvelous Monday!


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