Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Another Great Book

Karen Kingsbury has been one of my favorite authors for many, many years.  Somehow though I have gotten out of reading her books when they first come out.  On the weekend, I hit the library and located this; it was like catching up with family members.  If you've never read any of her books, I would say start at the beginning with the 9/11; in actuality you could begin with any of her series as long as it was the first book. This story revolves around Bailey Flanigan and her career as well as some of my favorite characters, Ashley and Landon and their family.  Karen even has a character in the story who is a quarterback for Bailey's dad's college football team and if I didn't know better I'd swear it is taken after our Broncos quarterback, Tim Tebow.  A great read!  Check your library out for this book; I'll be trying to get there in the next day or so to get the next book in the series.
Have a great Tuesday, Noreen


  1. Noreen, I actually have a couple of her books, but have not read them. Are they to be read in sequential order?
    Oh, friend..you MUST find and watch Downton Abbey!!! I see you did the same thing I did, in calling it DownTOWN Abbey. I misread it as well, but it is without the W and is called Downton Abbey. And the reason I point this out is, to find it you will need the correct name. I asked my husband to find it for me, and he couldn't. Turns out, that little misspelling was why. It is on Masterpiece Theatre, on PBS. Google it and find it for your area. They are doing season two now, so we set up to record season two, but downloaded season one to our Apple TV and have watched all but the last episode which we will watch tonight. It is fascinating, and full of rich characters, beautifully written, and acted. So lovely are the costumes, and the period of time is done perfectly. I adore history, and I adore England, and with that said, I adore this series. I hope you can find it. We love it!!!!

  2. My sister reads her books, and I have not, but keep telling myself I am going to!

  3. Oh, how neat! Thanks I will.


  4. Oh I've not read her books and now feel as if I should look them up. I'm always looking for a good story beautifully written.

    I see you have someone extolling Downton Abbey...good call! I'm sure that you'd love it on PBS Sunday evenings. I had watched the first two seasons already on a site that has been taken down or I'd be watching Season Three along with the Brits. Still, I'm enjoying it on PBS without all the starts and stops of short video clips.

  5. Being dyslexic I don't read a lot of books. I have enough eye strain just reading the blogs that I love to read everyday. Yours is one that I enjoy very much Noreen.
    My dogs have not been kickers or kisser much at all. Zoie does have times of the day that she wants to kiss me and that is in the morning and just before bed, maybe she has observed Tom doing that and thought she should too!!! LOL
    xx, Zoie & Fern

  6. I love to start at the beginning of a series and know you have a whole bunch of books to read. I have read some of hers..but not in a long time.
    Your post about your Mom was very tender. I only had my Dad for 3 years... he was only 38. To Young to die!!

  7. Hello! This is in the same wonderful series I am reading right now. So far the third book is by far the best in my opinion. I am already almost 2/3 of the way through it. I love the Baxter Family series best, and I love how the Bailey Flanagan series brings alot of the Baxters into it too. Actually, I have read almost everything she has ever written, haha. I love her. Hope your having a good day... HUGS

  8. I am always looking for a new read; thanks for the information.. I read one of her books many years ago but I haven't read any lately...Thank for the suggestions.....


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