Friday, January 20, 2012

Happy Friday

Last week a friend called and said she had been given an antique Windsor chair that needed some gluing and repair.  She knew that my hubby has refinished furniture in the past and so she brought it over so that he could assess the damage and see if he was comfortable fixing it.  It was an easy fix and by Monday we returned it to her.  It was a beautiful chair; I would have taken it in a heartbeat and should have taken a photo of it.  When we took it back to her house, she said that her hubby hated this chest and was going to give it to GW.  Loving antiques as we do, she offered it to us.  The mirror is in bad shape and the chest needs some work too.  Initially, I thought it might work in our guest room but the finish doesn't go with the bed-yes I am one of those.  We do plan to clean up the top of the chest but for now it is sitting in our family room.  Hubby doesn't really care for this piece so I know it won't stay there.  Our youngest has already jumped at the chance to have this baby in her home; the only thing I told her is that because it is an antique, it needs to stay finished as it-hinting that paint shouldn't touch it.  Yes, we are those types too. I love shabby chic but it is a crime to paint a piece that is in good condition.  She loves it just the way it is and will probably end up with it. I don't think our friend will mind as long as it isn't given to GW or another organization.  Time will tell.
We had a great sleepover last night; I ended up sleeping in bed with the two girls and it was so windy here that I didn't get my normal good sleep.  The grands were picked up around nine o'clock and now we have a pretty laid back day; packing, getting food ready etc.  I hope you have a wonderful relaxed weekend.
Blessings, Noreen


  1. It looks great.
    She will enjoy it (o:
    Did you have a fun sleepover? Have fun packing.

  2. Who wouldn't want that dresser!
    I know what you mean about painting it, I am not one to paint nice wood finishes, even though I love the ones I see done.
    Are you sure it was the wind that kept you from getting any sleep? Everytime I have to sleep with my
    g'daughter she keeps me awake most the night kicking and tossing and turning!

  3. I love that chest;it looks like birds eye maple.....would be beautiful in so many different places.....and no don't pain it the finish is too pretty......

    Sleeping with the grandkids can definitely be a sleep stopper or it is for me.....I know you are enjoying them....

    Have a great weekend....

  4. I love the wood grain of your little dresser. It's too pretty to cover up with paint.
    Will it fit near your sewing closet?
    Have a blessed time!
    Love to you.

  5. Hey giry....

    Oh my gosh! I'd have been grabbing away at that dresser! HOW FAB!

    I found the couch I blogged about on Craig's List. The sweet lady selling it is redecorating and has only had it a year! I'm sooo happy because it's from Pottery Barn and there is NO WAY I could have ever afforded that price! I'm too excited to speak!

    I shouldn't be...but I'm always amazed when God sends to me the very thing my heart desires~


  6. The wind is awful here too. We have no trees, so it hits the house really hard. Makes it tough to sleep at night. I wake up, check outside, and make sure the house didn't blow away to Kansas. BTW we are in Evergreen. :)

  7. The chest is really pretty. Maybe it will grow on your hubby.

    Hope you have a fabulous weekend!

    (Boon's human)

  8. I like that dresser. Hope you catch up after your sleep over. Sounds fun.

  9. I am soo with you on not painting it. I really prefer the wood finish too. I don't think I'd sleep one wink with one of my grand daughters, haha. Enjoy your time in the mountains! HUGS

  10. That dresser is really nice!!
    When my granddaughter stays, she always wants me to sleep in her single bed with her.. I usually go to my own bed after she falls asleep.. Aren't grands the best?!

  11. What a beautiful chest. Sort of the art deco period? Nice of your hubby to fix your friend's chair for her.
    Glad you had a fun sleepover. Hope you get a good sleep tonight!!

  12. is a beautiful piece of furniture.
    I hate you see the "real deal" furniture painted.
    But, I guess some people think they "have to" sad.
    Take care & get some "proper" rest.
    P.S. We did get our foot of snow!

  13. That is a beautiful piece ... one that I'd love to own. And I agree ... no paint. ;-)

    Have a wonderful time!

  14. I am one of those who finds it very hard to put paint on antiques too, Noreen, I just love the look of real wood.
    Glad you enjoyed your sleep over, I have been off line this week, and am trying to catchup, hope all is going well.
    Enjoy your weekend.

  15. I think the piece is great...too funny oh "yes I am one of those types" Ya'll did a wonderful job and will be enjoyed for years to come.

    Oh sleeping in bed with the girls...what a treasure!


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