Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Angels Watching Over

 Happy Thursday friends,  Today I am so thankful for angels that the Lord places around us and around our loved ones.  This last weekend, our Miss D split open her lip, actually she had her bottom teeth go through her bottom lip.  Three stitches later and she is doing fine; I'm thankful that it wasn't worse than this! Being the active three year old she is, she is constantly getting bumps and bruises. Hopefully, as she gets older she will be less likely to get hurt.
Here you will notice that Miss A is sporting a very bright, pink cast.  She did not break her arm or wrist; actually she has a loose ligament and the Orthopedic doctor felt that this would prevent injury and also allow the arm to heal.  He reassured mom and dad that he has treated other toddlers with this same issue. When you have four little ones, age 6 and under, you are bound to have a few scrapes;  I'm just thankful that we live close by and are available to help when needed.
I am so thankful for all our grands; they give so much love and share so much joy-even in the midst of booboos.
I'm off to our new bible study this morning, so good to get back into the routine again. Have a great day!
Blessings, Noreen


  1. how blessed you are to have the grands so close, mine are too and I know it it a great blessing. glad they are both doing better.

  2. Children are amazing in the way they hand adversity...They just seem to go on and not let it bother them but as grandparents we not like to see them hurt...So sorry about the bobos.....Love the pink cast...

    I hope you enjoy your new Bible study...what is the name of it?

  3. Thanks Mom! You and Dad are great and saved the day Sunday! I am thankful that is all we are having to deal with. Love you

  4. oh poor little things...soo glad they are both OK...soo cute. Hope you enjoy your study! HUGS

  5. I too pray for angels to watch over our famiiy...and extra angels to guard my son who is a police officer. It is wonderful you can be close to your family to help out..

  6. I think being a grandparent is one of life's greatest blessing. I too am grateful!


  7. I know what you mean... we are so thankful for those angels!!!
    I didn't mention in my last comment... but my heart went out to all of you. Stitches on our little ones id traumatic no matter how you look at it. Prayers go up for fast healing for both of them!!!

    I have not read any of those Amish books from last post. I always read any new books by Beverly Lewis when they come out, I should try a new author.
    Now I am going to nag you! Have you read my Tea Part Post yet? (o:

  8. Oh! how I relate to this post, Noreen, it seems we were at the doctor or in the EM room so very often, and we too were blessed to have both our parents near by, So I know you and your daughter are happy to be near each other. So glad they are doing well, the photo is precious.

    I too am glad things are getting back to normal.
    Enjoy your week end.

  9. I am glad she was okay. I am glad you too live close. Isn't routine nice.
    I love that, and it is always nice to get back to Bible Study.

  10. Your granddaughters are so adorable! I'm glad they are both doing okay. It's great that you are close to help out when needed! Those little ones are such a blessing. :)

    Enjoy your weekend!


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