Monday, January 9, 2012

Excitement in BroncoTerritoy

Yahhoooooo!!!!!! I'm not sure how many football fans I have and can hardly believe that I've become such an avid fan but it is true; I love our Broncos.  I think a lot of the reason is because of who Tim Tebow is and the testimony he has had during this season.  Yesterday, like a good number of folks in Colorado, hubby and I watched the game and screamed and yelled with the best of the fans.  I have not gone to a game at Pepsi Center and not sure I'd enjoy the crowds although going to a Rockies game is just as packed.  Needless to say, watching it in our own home has been so much fun.  I'm not sure what will happen when they play next Saturday but I think Tebow has done a wonderful thing for Denver-he has rallied fans that might not have been as involved as they are today.  There is more pride in our team than I've seen in four years and I for one am behind them. 

On a side note, our little Miss D fell into a table yesterday morning and put some teeth through her bottom lip. Three stitches later and she is sore but doesn't seem to worse for wear.  I'm going over to Kim's house this morning to help with the girls and be an extra set of hands.  Hopefully the week will be calm and quiet without any incidents. 
Have a wonderful Monday.  Noreen


  1. So sorry about Miss D, Noreen, been there with our little ones, can be so scary.
    We watched the game too, and are Tebo and Bronco fans. I thought about you when they won.

  2. I am not much of a football fan but glad you are happy.....

    I am so sorry about the stitches and the hurting lip....I know you will make her feel better and give her lots of hugs for her "boo boo"...

    Have a great day with the kids....

  3. We watched that game too Noreen. Amazing game and amazing finish!!
    And awwwww... sorry to hear about little Miss D. Our son did that when he was a toddler but his teeth went through is tongue. Ouch.
    Have a great and fun week and "GO BRONCOS!!" :)

  4. That was a fun game!!!
    I hear that book by Tim is really good. he talks about the way he grew up. I tried to get it in Oct. for my sons BD but never found it in a store. Now it is at Walmart.
    Love the Mountain pictures and the sky... at first I could not figure that out.
    did you see my post about the girls and me and Jaime having tea. Make sure you look at it. That town may not be too far from you (o:

  5. I admire Tim Tebow greatly and am glad he is doing so well. My team, from birth! is the Packers though.
    Let's still be friends, giggle.

  6. I am so sorry to hear of little Miss D's accident. Hope she heals quickly!

  7. Oh we yelled and cheered our way through the game over at my son's house after church too! What a game! I am with you totally on Tebow..I love it!

    Glad your little grand is OK...that must have hurt though, poor little thing.

    Wish I could pop over to Mel's house today too. She has a cold and could use an extra pair of hands...

    Enjoy your day! HUGS

  8. Nor,

    I ws one of the screaming fans as well. Wearing my T-bow shirt and I about had a coranary watching the last play and touchdown. It was amazing.

    I'm praying for them for Saturdays game. Go Broncos. Hugs

  9. MOM loves football. Although she is a Titan fan, she does like the Broncos and wishes she could have seen the second half of the football game last night. But alas she had to get to church for worship.

  10. We had a blast watching the game last night too!! We love TT!!! What an inspirational young man!!

    Sorry to hear of the spill. Praying that she will heal quickly!!

    Love and hugs to you Nor!! Working on getting the shop opened back up tonight!! We'll catch up soon!!

  11. Poor little Miss D! And Yea for the Broncos...and hope you are much better now!!

  12. I will have to say I am a so so football fan, I have sons so would watch because they watched it but we are big Tebow fans and are really hoping to see them do well in the play-offs.
    So sorry to hear about Miss D, don't you just hate it when they get hurt...hope she is better soon


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