Tuesday, January 10, 2012

It's A Small World Afterall

                                                                  Avril and I, Jan. 2012
A year and a half ago while attending my first Beth Moore bible study, all the ladies introduced themselves. Many of the ladies were younger, with children still at home and there were even some young college age gals too plus a handful of us Nana's.  When one gal introduced herself, I immediately recognized her South African accent and as she shared about her passions-her grands and also her dogs, I knew immediately that we'd become the closest of friends.  Her name is Avril and I have come to cherish the friendship we share.  Last year, we met for coffee and were sharing about our lives; I shared about blogging and how I had this blogging friend who lived in South Africa and would she like to be able to read the blog and see if it was near her old hometown? She said yes so   I sent her the link to Caryl, aka Maxmom, and waited to hear.  The following week she came in to bible study so excited- she not only knew Caryl but had lived in the house behind her.  I put the two in touch and was thrilled that they were able to rekindle their friendship.  Since then, Avril and I have gotten to know each other and go out to lunch on a regular basis.  Avril has so many stories of her homeland and has also lived in Alaska(another place I hope to visit someday).  Moving, when you're empty Nester's, can sometimes be a hard adjustment, but the Lord has richly blessed me with two dear friends-Kam, my neighbor and now Avril. I am so thankful for both of these ladies; so if you are wondering if you'll develop friendships-be patient.  I couldn't have picked two better friends if I had tried.  On a side note; Avril's mom was able to get two of Caryl's new book, MAX, and have Caryl sign them for both Avril and I.  I love how God works blessings into our lives.
Hugs today, Noreen


  1. What a fantastic story Noreen! I used to work with a woman from South Africa. I loved her accent!!

  2. Just another wonderful testimony of how God puts people in our lives when we least expect it....I enjoyed reading this post so much.....Girlfriends are so important and God definitely picks just the right ones for us......

  3. How beautiful! God knitting us together...those God encounters.

  4. Wow! It really is a small world!
    This was such a fun blog post to read. I am so glad that your friends were able to reunite. It sounds like God has truly blessed you with some very special friends!

  5. It is so amazing how God works...
    he has connections waiting for us in the future even!!!
    New friends we can't even imagine!
    Have you done the new Beth Moore study on James?
    Our church is starting one and I haven't decided yet (o:

  6. It is indeed a small world with a big God.

  7. What a wonderful story Noreen. Great to see how God has blessing your move, and your friendships and connected them all together.

  8. I have such fond memories of Avril and her beautiful family. She taught my girls to swim all those years back. Also, our garden wall became a balancing beam for her son Ryan.lol! Avril was famous for welcoming folk into our area with her famous muffins. I miss her and her family so much and it was wonderful to meet her mom and dad after all these years (when I delivered the books).
    Thanks for a lovely post Noreen. I am so blessed with our cyber-friendship too.
    sending lotsaluv to you and Avil.
    Caryl a.k.a "MAXMOM"

  9. I believe it is a small world and if God wants people to meet he has his ways.
    You both are blessed,
    Prim Blessings,

  10. This is very cool, constantly amazed how He cares about the details in our life

  11. Isn't it amazing how God works in our lives? How often we try to take control ... nothing we can do can compare to what God can do!

  12. Such a neat story! My husband and I are actually travelling to South Africa at the end of the month with some missionary friends. We'll be in Port Elizabeth and Cape Town. Maybe I'll run into your friends?!

    Thanks for stopping by Life Lessons! We thought we were crazy for attempting to cut out sweets during the holidays - but it worked out well! I know you can reach your goal! Maybe your hubby will be inspired by your determination,and will join you! God bless you, my friend!

  13. What an amazing story! I'm so thankful to read how it worked out, and that you and Avril are now good friends.

    Have a wonderful week Noreen! :)

  14. Oh Noreen I love these kind of stories. Nothing about it was accidental. Our God is amazing!

  15. Hi Noreen,
    So great to find a good friend!!! You are a good friend to me Noreen.
    While my computer was down, I would have call you if I had had you phone ##. Would you like to give me your ##??? Email me if you would and I will call you!! Then when anything gos wrong I can call you to tell you about it~~~~~~~
    xx, Zoie & Fern

  16. How nice and we do live in such a small world.

  17. Oh wow, what a story! This just gave me cold chills while reading it.


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