Thursday, December 1, 2011

Happy Thursday All~ Well, I would love this to be our farm but it isn't, however this is what we woke up to this morning-another 7" of white stuff.  I'm thankful that hubby and I are still able to get out and shovel; Reggie is thankful that we actually clear a walkway for him and a large patch of grass.
I am thankful that I am able to stay home today even though it means missing my weekly bible study; a kick- back snow day sounded much better to me.  I am thankful that we had a good time last night with our friends at the dinner theater and that it wasn't snowing on our way home.  I am thankful for this wonderful season and the celebration of our Lord's birth.  I am thankful for collections that span time and bring back many fun memories.  I am thankful for good friends here and far; they certainly make life more fun!
Have a blessed day, Noreen


  1. Hi Noreen,
    Wow, snow!! A snow day does sound like fun...........
    makes all your cute lil snowmen way more meangingful.........
    What a great list of Thankfuls, we have so very much to be Thankful for don't we, and I love that verse that
    says "God inhabits the praises of His people"!
    Try and stay warm and enjoy all that glistening white stuff.
    Blessings for a Wonderful Christmas Season, Love, Nellie

  2. Hello my Friend!! Once again I find myself feeling so good sitting here and enjoying your blog posts that I've missed. I love your snowman collection and your other decorations and how nicely your snow fits into it all!!

    I hope you're doing well!! I think of you often, and continue to count your friendship among my treasured blessings!

  3. A kick back snow day is a perfect idea; and that farm is a beauty with the barn reflecting in the snow.

  4. What a wonderful post of thanks. Hope you enjoy the quiet beauty of this day! I think of Reggie...hope he's doing okay.

  5. Hi Noreen! Well who wouldn't LOVE to live at that farm? That is a beautiful setting in any season, but the snow and the red is stunning.

    Glad to hear that you are managing and possibly even enjoying the snow. I bet Reggie has mixed feelings about it. Young dog usually love the snow but as they get older I thin it makes their arthritis flare.

    I would love to see a Christmas photo of Reggie at the Christmas Pet Parade! I hop to see cute picture of ALL kinds of bets... furry, feathery, wet, or scale-y lol!

    xoxo Bunny Jean

  6. A kick back kind of day is just what I love about snow! And I'm still wishing for some snow here ... alas, none in sight.

    I love your list of things to be thankful for! I didn't get my Thankful Thursday posted today (have had the grands since yesterday afternoon ... by the time I get them all to bed, I'm too exhausted to do anything ... when they're up, it's "will you play with me, Nana" ... and how can I say no to that?). I will do my best to get it written/posted ... but it might not be until Saturday, when they all will go back home, if mama's recovery continues to go well.

  7. Kick back snow days are GREAT! I hope to get one soon.

  8. WOW! Beautiful picture! Looks like it could be the cover of a Christmas card and also something from our photo challenge thats going on for "Something Red!"

    Send me the fluffy white stuff, I really enjoy it all! We only get it one season a year!

    Love and Hugs ~ Kat

  9. We are hoping to get snow tomorrow night. Can't wait for a jammie Saturday morning. Hope we get more than a couple of inches. I must admit I am a bit jealous of you.

  10. Snow, friends and a day to relax sounds like Heaven!

  11. I love snow and this picture is absolutely beautiful. Snow makes everything it touches seem so pure.

  12. Yes we snow as well, not that we see much! :-)

  13. Dear much to be thankful for! We too, enjoy being able to snuggle in when it is cold and snowy out! Sweetest blessings to you! Hugs ♥ Teri

  14. WOW 7 more inches of snow! Sounds wonderful to me, and so does the sound of your plans today. It is FINALLY cooling off a little bit here. Don't think we quite made 70 today. I like December to be nice and cold. I remember one Christmas day it was 90 degrees. Only in California! haha Keep warm over there my friend. HUGS

  15. I am trying to be reasonable and enjoy snow. But after so many years of driving to work all those dark gray Wisconsin winters, I don't care if I never see another snowfall. For the past two winters we have had more and deeper snows here than they have had in decades. Everytime we get more than an inch or two I yell to the outside that it's not fair...I moved here to get away from snowy weather. Then I pick up a shovel and help my husband shovel the walk and driveway.

  16. pretty! Wish it was snowing here!!!! Enjoy your snow!!! So cozy!!

  17. Well...I would LOVE to live on that sweet Farm...peaceful and serene!

    Blessings to you today Miss Noreen...

    Happy December~

    Love, Rebecca

  18. What a beautiful farm picture. I was glad I didn't absolutely have to go anywhere today, except to go pick up the girls early this morning when the streets were like an ice rink.

    Your kitchen looks amazing - I have a large snowman collection, too, but not such a great place to display it.

    Thanks for coming over for a visit today. My blog friend doesn't blog much any more at all, but we connect on Facebook every day, and I get to see her every time I'm out there in Maine. What a blessing. The other really good blog friend out there was in Tennessee and I was sad to miss seeing her. Bjut the time was so short that it might not have worked out anyway.

    Have a great week-end - how did this week go so fast??

  19. Oh my goodness. I WANT that place!!!

  20. What a gorgeous farm scene! May I borrow it? Your thanksgiving list is precious just like you.

    Christmas Blessings!


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