Thursday, December 15, 2011

Thursday greetings to you dear friends,  I hope your week has been one filled with restful times during the craziness that so often encompasses this month.  There are several ways that I get settled and find refreshment; sometimes it is singing of praise and worship songs and other times it is being outside in nature. As you know the mountains always bring a peace to my spirit and I love venturing up there.  These photos were from the other day when hubby and I went up there.

 I just realized that the clouds in this almost look like a dinosaur or a giraffe.  This is Longs Peak and many folks actually hike to the top; if we had moved here when I was young I would have tried it, but unfortunately it is too much of a hike for me now.  One has to leave before dawn if they hope to get to the top.  It is much more of a challenge than Mt. Lassen or Mt. Rainier was.  I have met one 80 yr old gentleman who climbed it for his birthday; he had done it many times before though.
I came back refreshed and filled with awe at the beauty of His creation.  Hubby would need to go to the beach for his experience.  In quiet moments I will yet praise Him. 
I'm going to our last study of the year this morning and also a luncheon afterward.  Hoping you have a day filled with the wonder of His love.
Blessings, Noreen


  1. Good morning Noreen! I needed to hear all this today. I am feeling a tiny bit stressed getting everything done for the party tomorrow. I don't know why because everything is pretty much handled and I have lots of help. I think I have just been too busy for too long. A day drinking in the beauty of His creation sounds just wonderful...Have a GOOD day my friend! HUGS

  2. Good morning friend. That cloud formation did look like a dinosaur!! What a wonderful place that must be!
    Enjoy your luncheon today.

  3. Love the mountain pictures... we need to go up there for a drive. The last time we went it was dark and snowing (o:
    Loved the pictures of the kids. Programs where we get to see them all dressed up and singing are the best.
    Shay had her preschool program yesterday. That was fun. My last preschool Christmas Program for that family. Maybe someday Ty will have a little one (o:
    My sister had her knee replaced Tuesday so I spent the big part of the day there with her yesterday. Yikes .... she was not in good shape. Hope today finds her doing better.
    Blessings to you. Loved being with you.

  4. The beach is still my favorite destination, but I enjoyed our time in Estes Park/RMNP so much that I would love to return soon. In the meantime, I can enjoy them vicariously through you. ;-)

  5. I love yur mountians, they are so beautiful. When I look at moutains I think of our creator...such beauty could never come from man

  6. Oh I love the mountains too and just looking at your pictures of the bring me a sense of peace. I hope to get to our NC mountains soon.....

  7. It's wonderful to see Longs Peak up close. I see it on the horizon all the time. I'm sorry that you didn't see wildlife up there. I think that they are much more elusive at this time of year than others.

    What beautiful mountains we have here!

  8. Beautiful Noreen!
    Both the mountain and your words.
    Our Lords wonders never cease.

  9. Just stopping by for a peek. Looks like we are on a similar journey and life season.

  10. Beautiful photos, Noreen. William and I enjoy going to the mountains for peace and beauty too. We also enjoy the ocean, but I think the mountains more.

    I hope you enjoy a lovely weekend. :)

  11. Thank you for your prayers....and I love the dino in the son and I always look at pictures in the clouds!!


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